Etrian Odyssey V in English!!

It has been announced! A few days ago, Atlus announced three games coming to the 3DS with one of them being the English version of Etrian Odyssey V. I've been waiting a long time for this. In case you missed it, I really enjoyed Etrian Odyssey IV.

Etrian Odyssey V is actually the reason why I got involved in the series in the first place. I played Persona Q before anything and while I enjoyed PQ, I only thought it was great because it was drawing from the Persona series.

When I saw the previews for EOV on YouTube, I was drawn in; customisable paintwork, numerous voice lines, character race and classes. I had tried EO demos at this point (after I finished PQ) but they didn't grasp me as much as I thought they would have. Granted, PQ is more recent than any of those demos but that was just it. I was craving something that built on what was already established in PQ.

EOV offered me that. It showed me what the EO series was about and I was so intrigued, I spent a good full day just researching the series. That was about when I decided I should try an older title in the series to get a feel of it and that led me to enjoying EOIV.

Now, after waiting for the true hitter, Atlus finally gave us the Fall 2017 release window for EOV in English. Can't say I'm too happy that it's a full localisation because I did hear a couple of great Japanese VAs but I'd rather be able to play it than not at all.

I'm currently on my second playthrough of Persona 5 and that should keep me going a while longer before I start craving another JRPG. It also helps that this is the weekend of E3!! Games galore!


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