SIF Coverage - Ice Skating Riko

Hello and welcome to what is probably the slowest SIF Coverage for an Event SR. With just one day left in the event, things are about to come to an end but, not before we finally get to take a closer look at the the event's SR Ice Skating Riko!

The trouble with this event leading up to this late coverage was largely two pronged. For starters, the second copy of SR Riko was only unlocked upon accumulating 60,000 Event Points, a good 10,000 above the normal double-SR Medley Festivals. Secondly, the cutoff for Tier 2 this time hovered just above 60,000 largely owing to the shorter than usual event. This culmination of factors led up to the longer than normal amount of time taken to unlock both copies of Riko.

The first copy came easily enough, only requiring 25,000 Event Points. For that, you are rewarded with a Smile Attribute SR Ice Skating Riko. At level 1, she sports 3,710 Smile Points and a rapid fire Perfect Lock skill. Only requiring 18 notes for a chance of triggering, Riko's skill is indeed quite useful despite only having a 30% chance and a 3 second window.

At level 60, Riko's Smile Points rises significantly to 4,540 points but, that is the extent of the changes. Everything else from her skill slots to her bond points, remain exactly the same. Which is why it is all the more important to idolized her to make the most of her potential as a Perfect Lock member.

A closer look at Riko's ice skating outfit. I wonder if it ever snows in Okinawa?

Earlier I mentioned requiring Special Practice in order to make the most out of Riko's latent potential. Therefore, here comes the Special Practice blender. Make sure to place the higher leveled copy in the upper slot otherwise, all your hard work leveling her up would have been for naught.

Hit the "Special Practice" button and you are rewarded with a magical transformation process into Riko's idolized form. 

At Level 80, Riko's Smile Points rise up to 4,820 points making her the strongest Event Smile SR thus far. Couple that with her increased Bond Points (up to 500 now) and an additional Skill Slot and you have a very potent member able to hold up even against scouted members. 

To make the most out of her high Smile Points, make sure to use Smile Cross [2nd] to amplify her Smile Points by a further 16%. If you do not have an extra copy, it is worth removing it from another member to pass it to her.

Here is a closer look at Riko in her figure skating school idol outfit. It is quite a unique look and the pink color really suits her quite well.

With just one more day left for the event, it is time to buckle up if you are planning to tier for the event. This will be the first event which sees all non-JP servers merged into the WW server resulting in the largest player base for this server yet. It will be interesting to see how things play out for the future events but, fortunately, things have remained rather civil for the time being. Until tomorrow, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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