Displaying Figurines is Difficult

Ah, what could be! DAMN IT UNIVERSE, make Nendoroid Hamakaze happen already! Source: Someone customised and repainted a Shielder nendoroid and transformed her into Hamakaze. It's not exactly like Hamakaze but it's enough. Unfortunately, I can't get the source here so whoever you are, you're awesome!.

I'm not an expert figure collector and my collection certainly leaves something to be desired but I'm happy with what I have. I'm a collector who opens my stuff to display them but I never throw the boxes. I might throw some of the smaller plastic wrappings inside but never the box. What's the point of keeping the box in a corner or throwing it away? I'd want to place it on the display shelf to add a little more prestige and class to my collection of cartoon toys.

Nendoroids and anything smaller are quite easy to display all things considered. Think about it; they're small, work in a variety of poses and can complement any set-up. They're a little too comfortable to get around and it's one of the reasons why you see people collecting them (aside from their cuteness and cheapness). More often than not, you'd easily see nendoroids around, even if it's just a single nendo at someone's workstation.

Having said that, I realise that a surplus of nendos can cause unintentional problems. Nendos give a false sense of spatial awareness and you'd keep adding more until you realise that all your nendos are cramped up WAY too close to each other! How are you supposed to display/Boast/REPRESENT your figurines if the sheer volume takes away from each individual!

I'm just going to put my wishlist of nendoroids in this post. NENDO HIFUMI!

Scale figurines don't have that problem because it's almost a reflex to place scale figurines in their own, singular area. You'd never run into a problem of overcrowding because the thought of "I can squeeze one here" will never pass through your mind. I want to see you squeeze two 1/7ths together! Likewise, they take up more space and thus, can limit your overall space quite significantly.

I can't say anything for figmas because I don't own any but I'm quite sure they work similarly to scale figures. There are exceptions like the Attack on Titan figmas as you can HANG THOSE but not much else differs from the normal ones.

Aside from spacing, remember the boxes? Where would you put them? Behind each figurine to adorn them with a suitable background? You'd run out of space! Plus it's bulky! Put them at the top? They'll collect dust far too quickly! Put them at the bottom? Then they might as well just be normal boxes!

I actually already ordered Warspite but hey, she's too cute to not add here!

Now we have to talk about shelves! ALL THE SHELVES! Wood? Glass? Metal? Plastic? Closed? Open? Big? Small? Corner? Wall? Hanging? Mobile? Bright? Dim? Too. Many. Factors!

I always see these amazing collections, all displayed in one giant room. As in, a room dedicated to the figures. A rich man's collection in other words. But, these rooms are usually themed after a particular collection. Either Star Wars or Batman from what I've seen. Anime figurines are a little more diverse and while it can be done, imagine the cleaning I'd have to do. And the stupidly blinding light in all these set-ups will ruin all the colours!

When I bought my first figurine, I thought I'd just put it on my desk and admire it from time to time. When guests enter, they would either comment on it or ignore it. It'll just be something I like that I can display for those that are interested. Much like my games.

But the dilemma comes when your collection grows. You start thinking of things like how to store all the spare parts! Don't even get me started on that!

I don't think you guys know that I love Dia. But, I'm not getting her nendoroid as I want my first figurine of her to be an Alter. Time to wait for a really long time!


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