Takuya’s Update II

A quick update.

Even though snwlprd is on hiatus from the normal posts, Catch-Up Contents will still be released every Saturday as usual. Therefore, I will not be taking Saturdays unless something comes up. I hope you look forward to the usual Saturdays!

In my previous update, I mentioned that I will post less frequently than snwlprd and will try my best to give varied content. So far, I've managed to post every day with rather varied content. I've gone to an event, I've written some subjective pieces, I did a photoshoot with my books, I doubled as a news stand for Persona and .hack, and I shamelessly self-promoted content from the blog (I like my catalogue posts! It's fun alright?)

I sincerely hope you readers do not mind me taking the helm for now. My posts all share a similar voice and the variety content still fluctuates within a rather safe zone of expertise. I do intend to push wholly different content that can sustain the various, curious readership. It'll just take time is all.



Maybe I should do some gallery posts to complement my catalogue posts?


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