My Monogatari Shopping List! (Nisio Isin Exhibition Edition)

If you folks don't yet know, while I'm here hacking away at a typical 9-5 (it's actually longer than that) and spending what little free time I have on driving and soothing my creative juices, snwlprd's doing a 9-5 in the Land of the Rising Sun. But I won't complain. After all, I did pass on my shopping list! If any one of us gets a holiday, we ALL get a holiday.

I wanted to reiterate my shopping list. This serves to reinforce two things about my identity on this blog: I am a fan of the Monogatari Series and I'm sad that I can't attend this event; I am a fan of the Monogatari Series and I'm happy that I can still get the merchandise from this event.

So, what merchandise am I getting?

The ever infamous Shinobu Nendoroid for starters! She was released a long time ago at the usual nendoroid market price but has since reached the peak of 10k Yen on the resellers market. This event however, is selling her at a price of 6,480 Yen inclusive of exclusive content! (It's an acrylic stand with the poster as shown in the image above).

This is a no brainer for a fan because of the sheer rarity both in terms of presence and pricing. It's difficult to find her and it's impossible to get her at that price. An instant buy (assuming snwlprd can get her before she sells out).

The plush of the mysteriously beautiful vampire! For the uninitiated, there is no currently existing plush of Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade on the market right now. This here plush is the very first (exclusive) one!

I admit, I did do a double take for this item. I really like Shinobu but her adult form lacks the cuteness that can only be obtained from a loli vampire. That being said, it more than makes up in raw sexiness that unfortunately, does not translate to a plush toy. However, the fact that this is the first (and exclusive) one all but solidified my decision to get my hands on this. This may be my one and only Kiss-Shot plush though.

A Shinobu plush in Senjougahara's uniform! With a donut! And a tooth sticking out! Isn't this absolutely adorable!?

I may have Shinobu figurines but I do not yet possess a Shinobu plush. The pricings usually put me off what I consider to be fancily arranged cotton and cloth. But I'm a sucker for exclusive goods (read: a sucker for marketing strategies). I decided to get her so that I'll at least have one Shinobu and one Kiss-Shot to alternate between.

And that's it! Just the three items above! I did contemplate a few others but rejected them due to numerous reasons both related and unrelated to the moolah (money) currently in my possession. It'll be a double edged sword if these items and the rest of the catalogue are actually non-exclusive; or become non-exclusive. A good thing because I can get the others if I so desire in the future and a bad thing because....well, exclusivity is great but I realise it's more fun if every fan can get their hands on it huh?

Well, whatever it is, I can definitely consider myself lucky to get my hands on these items first!


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