Have you heard of KonoSuba?

I am the resident expert on KonoSuba over here at Tiro Finale. I have watched the animes, read the light novels and dabbled into the merchandise. Suitably, I have also written 99% of the articles on KonoSuba.

Here is my first ever post regarding KonoSuba. When I posted it, I was just giddy with excitement over this new anime airing that season. I never thought it would cascade into what it is now for me.

I even voted it my top anime of the year!

After going through the first season, I immediately dove into the light novels and without much else to write about, I started reviewing said light novels; all the way from Volume 3 up until Volume 6 at which I stopped due to circumstances.

When Season 2 started airing, I knew I had to do something. And that was when I started KonoSuba Thursdays. I started a discussion about every episode of KonoSuba S2, basing my post mostly on the differences between the anime and the light novels (since I've already caught up to the latest volume by then).

Here is my post on Episode 1 all the way up to Episode 10!

It was an eventful 10 weeks. Something that was quite special until I ran out of content and decided to transition into Monogatari Thursdays.

However, this was not the end of the KonoSuba articles. I tried my hand at reviewing the Aqua Nendo I had received as a Birthday present but it was laughably bad that, months later, I tried a re-review. You can go ahead and tell me how it turned out.

It would also seem that my KonoSuba madness was a contagious bug. The big boss snwlprd made a post covering all the upcoming KonoSuba figures. This was specifically well timed and I attribute the popularity of the article to the loathing self-promotion made. I would have won if not for those pesky kids, clicking on the link and learning about KonoSuba merchandise.


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