Nakiri Erina Figurine Preview

I've been putting this off for quite a while simply due to the fact that I haven't actually taken any photos of Erina herself. The photos used in this post were taken by snwlprd as I can guarantee good quality figurine photography that way. I, on the other hand, cannot even come close to that. I have to take Erina's figurine pictures myself and I'm embarrassed at the fact that it's going to turn out badly. Nevertheless, I can't keep you guys waiting on the queen. So let's begin the preview!

The splash photo above shows the front of the box which all of you would have probably already seen if you read the July haul post. The colour palette chosen is definitely suitable as the regal gold and red compliments the theme. The pattern used to adorn Erina and that of the background colour are also reminiscent of art strokes use to depict a higher social class and it introduces her very well to the potential buyer (in this case, me).

One side of the cover shows a close up of Erina with the name of the product plastered across. It might be too showy for some but I think it shows just enough.

The other side of the box shows a more distant shot, this time with a full frontal view. You can clearly make out her throne now along with her smooth, tasty legs.

The back of the box, much like most other figurines, show more than just one shot of her. We see a few shots from different angles albeit all at around the same distance. Since this is a 1/8th premium scale, there really isn't much else you can frame her in. Though I do appreciate the elevated shot in one of the photos. That is a very appropriate way to view her if I do say so myself.

This is the underside of the box. Pretty basic.

And finally, this is the top of the box. Again, another transparent area so you can view her from the top. Unfortunately the safety plastic wrapping within is obscuring most of view. Nonetheless, you'd wanna pop this baby open immediately rather than leave her sitting in there. You can't treat a queen any less.

That's the whole preview! One would usually give a final shot of the figurine itself but as I said, I haven't gotten to it yet and I'm quite adverse to showing the horrible quality of my photography. But rest assured that I will deliver on the content sooner rather than later.


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