Takuya’s Update III

Another update! Update number three by the looks of it. I can safely confirm with all of you that snwlprd will be making a return to Tiro Finale next week!

I realise now that updating the blog with daily content is not as straightfoward as it seems. Getting daily content is pretty easy if your area of coverage is wide. I can cover animes, games, figures and books so I don't really have a shortage of trees to pluck from. The only thing is that sometimes, I don't really know what fruit I want to pluck.

Alter's beautiful new entry

Figures and books are pretty straightforward topics to cover. For figures, it comes down to either a review, a preview, a wishlist, a gallery, etc. It's endless. As long as you can figure out the photography, you can really do quite a bit with just one figurine. Of course, this also means you'd have to put more work into it as figurines aren't digital or conceptualised. You'd have to handle it in real life, somehow transfer what you want to convey to your computer (photos), edit the photos and write out something worthwhile. It's the same with books where you discuss either the contents or, in my case, the differences between the anime and the book. The book covers will also have to be shot and transferred to the PC.

Games and anime are digital to begin with. Anything I want, I can easily take a screenshot or in most cases, just pluck it from Google. An image that goes well with content that I can dictate. I want to talk about just one character? I can go ahead with that. I want to discuss the harmony behind the visual and auditory feedback? I can just do it. Make it however long I want, snap some good photos in and I'm done! How about a simple review? Slap my 'Game Commentary' on and off we go!

Can't wait for this!

There's an argument to be made as to whether analysis and discussions take more work to produce but from what I've done, it's certainly faster and cheaper. I usually don't take things too deep and I usually would know what to touch on when I think of a topic. Figurines are a little more cumbersome but the quality of work (including photos) can be measured far easily. It's also content that most people usually seek as opposed to some faceless entity's thoughts on video games and anime behind a computer screen somewhere in the world.

I'd say producing both types of content is rewarding in its own right and providing multiple types of content for the blog is definitely more beneficial for everyone involved. Anyways, that's about the end of this little reflection/update. I can't guarantee another figure review this week but I'll try to make something happen! Until then!


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