Owarimonogatari 2nd Season Episode 3

What a ride it has been. Finally, we've reached the end of the main story! Sort of. There's tons more books after this so let's hope they all get adapted.

SPOILERS follow if you didn't already know!

Happily ever after for everyone. I can't say I expected a bad ending because the series never really set itself up to have one. But man, receiving happy endings is a really great feeling. I hate how some creators create bad endings for the sake of bad endings because of 'realism' or that drama 'adds' to the story.

Ougi Dark is covered in episode 3 and starts off with tons of fanservice like Kiss-Shot, Yotsugi and Mayoi playing, Kiss-Shot, Koyomi being cuddled, Kiss-Shot, ACTUAL PLOT, etc. The story was setting up the finale just mere episodes before but the conclusion seems to be taking a home run all the way to the final base. There was nothing but progression to the end.

I like how Mayoi ends up being a God and, while I hate puns, I accept her final one. It really is a fitting ending for all the stuff she's been through. It felt like the revelation was supposed to surprise me but really it just seemed like the best decision at that point. For everyone.

Ougi being revealed to be Koyomi wasn't also as big a revelation to me as it made itself out to be. I can't remember whether it was because I read up on this before or I made the guess myself a long time ago but regardless, the acceptance that Ougi was a being birthed from him did set itself apart as a unique plot point.

Most shows tend to end with the acceptance of their other self (coughPersonacough) but Koyomi ends up wanting Ougi to remain a separate being. After all, Ougi was already given life because of him. Taking that away would be too selfish, however ironic that may seem. As he said, he was only saving himself.

Ougi's revelation of trapping Koyomi's associates hit me bigger than the other reveals mostly because I didn't think she was capable of doing so. She is an unknown with unknown abilities but I think this extends only to what Koyomi believes he is. She is as powerful as him.

I must say though that Hanekawa's return with Meme was a great part. He is a walking deus ex machina; I don't disagree with that statement but man was it refreshing to hear his words again. Good on you Hanekawa, exhausting herself and selling her intelligence to buy a freaking fighter jet!?

Finally, however many times we hear Koyomi recite his promise to Shinobu, it still never ceases to please me. Especially in the scene here when all she gives him is her love and devotion. Man, Shinobu came full circle. I was watching this while holding my Kiss-Shot plush and it suddenly got heavier in my hands. Shinobu is love. Shinobu is life.

In the end, we get everything wrapped up. Koyomi has graduated and he leaves his adolescence behind. He's finally an adult....with more stories to come of course! I really hope Shaft continues adapting the rest of the novels. If they don't, well, I'll just have to wait to read them!

Happily ever after for everyone. Shinobu actually says that line at the end. It makes sense, after all, this story was never set up to have a bad ending. It is, however, set up to have tons of tales to tell of. And Shinobu will speak of them to anyone willing to listen.

P.S. Two things I was wrong about regarding my post yesterday. One was needing Shinobu for the fight. Clearly they didn't even need Koyomi to be human so that was just my own excitement getting the better of me. Secondly, I mentioned Meme wouldn't directly be involved in the fight and while it may seem like so, the nature of the fight meant that his participation is fully acceptable.


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