.hack//G.U. Volume 4!!!

If Persona news wasn't enough, sit yourself back down because you'd get dizzy for this.

The upcoming remaster of .hack//G.U. is apparently coming with a sequel; a Volume 4 "Perhaps a Dream of the World-Weaving Snakes".

If you are as much of a fan as I am of the series, then I permit you to scream.

I stated previously that I would only buy this remaster if the changes were fitting considering I've practically platinum-ed the original trilogy. Throwing Volume 4 into this has sealed my decision to preorder the premium edition if it exists for the international market.

I want to avoid unnecessary spoilers and therefore will not post the synopsis for Volume 4 on this article. It's both for my benefit and yours that we refrain from prying too much into this. It will only lead down a bad path of spoiler-filled annoyance.

What I can tell you though is that many of the series favourites like Alkaid and Silabus have been confirmed to be joining Haseo in his adventure in Volume 4. Haseo will also be receiving a new form that gives him another weapon to add to his arsenal.

Besides this, Japan has the luxury of purchasing this beautiful, limited Premium Edition that comes with the following:

1) The regular game disc in the regular PS4 box that contains Volumes 1-3, the new Volume 4 and the Terminal Disc.

2)  The 'Premium Disc Set' that contains the original soundtrack (red), the Innocent Call drama CD (yellow) and the Returner anime Blu-ray disc (blue).

3) The 'Secret File' booklet that contains a novel entitled .hack//G.U. Ragtime and setting materials for Volume 4.

4) That kick-ass box design on the right! To keep all the contents nice and neat.

The game is out in Japan on November 1st on PS4 and Steam, and is said to be coming to the West sometime late 2017 (though since it comes out in November in Japan, I don't really know what late 2017 means at this point). The game will feature dual audio for the West but we have to go with Yuri Lowenthal all the way. It's only natural.


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