Takuya's Update

Hi there! Takuya here! This is just a quick update to follow up on snwlprd's hiatus post.

Since snwlprd is on hiatus until the 5th of September, it falls down onto me to hold down the fort! As you would have probably noticed, our other writers are exceptionally busy as of late and thus, it'll most probably just be me around these here parts for the next month or so.

While I can't update daily like snwlprd can, I will certainly try my best to dish out content steadily for you wonderful readers. Said content will range from my usual modus operandi of video game and anime analysis, reviews and commentary to newer areas such as figurine and merchandising content (I don't do nearly enough of those).

Do expect a few shorter articles as well, either due to a lack of knowledge or lack of inspiration on my part. I assure you though that you'd at least get enough to warrant perusing the website as per usual (assuming you're not a newcomer in which case I'd like to refer you to our larger catalogue from many months prior).

As the regulars know, KonoSuba Thursdays and Monogatari Thursdays (KonoSuba Thursdays evolved into Monogatari Thursdays when season 2 finished) is a thing as well. I started both of those but snwlprd continued them once I tapered off from the usual schedule. I might even decide to further enhance the Thursdays into something entirely new. Who knows what will happen?

Anywho, this was meant to be a short update to the current circumstances. I hope the regulars will continue with the usual daily routine as I try my best to bring out varied content until the aforementioned deadline of snwlprd's hiatus. As for any newcomes, welcome to the blog! Please click the catalogue link above to browse through last year's content and I hope to see you again very soon!

Click here for this year's content!

Varied Content


  1. Thanks! Try to keep the fort in one piece while I am gone.


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