The Dragon Ball FighterZ Hype!

Arc System Works is a developer of great 2D and 2.5D fighting games. Whether it’s their engaging gameplay or mind-blowing art style and visual direction, every fighting game developed by them feels like a breath of fresh air. Or at least, fun air.

I only discovered Arc System Works through Persona 4 Arena. I had heard about BlazBlue before this but, not being a fan of fighting games, I ignored it. Persona 4 Arena, for obvious reasons, grabbed me. I enjoyed the classic sprite art direction, the vibrancy of the super powers and the depth present in the gameplay. It opened up a new field of possibilities that I couldn’t see in games like Injustice for example.

Not everyone can appreciate their over-reliance on anime flair however and I get that but they are missing out. This brings us to the hype that is Dragon Ball FighterZ! If you’ve not seen the trailer or even demos of it, you are missing out.

Instantly, the first thing you notice is the incredible art style. The game looks like the anime but better on so many levels. It even plays in such a dynamic way that you can’t help but think of how much effort the artists had to put in to accomplish this level of detail. The crispness, shadings, colours, etc. Everything about the presentation is top notch.

Honestly, that was enough to hype me up for it. I’m most probably going to preorder it but so far we’ve only seen a roster of 9 characters. Teen Gohan will definitely be my main but I’m hoping they include a whole lot more characters like Android 18 and even Yamcha because why the hell not?

I’m not a fan of fighting games but when it’s a Dragon Ball game that looks this good, you can guarantee I’m going to hype up for it.


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