Nakiri Erina Figurine Review

It's time to review my Good Smile Company Premium 1/8th Scale Figurine of Queen Nakiri Erina. Or just THE Erina figurine in layman terms. Out of all her figurines, I'd say this is the most extravagant one. That's not really saying much. Erina doesn't have many figurines. The other figurines have her in either her school outfit or a swimsuit. Nothing else and no special poses. That's why I'm incredibly proud to own this one of a kind piece. So, let's get to it!

If you haven't read the preview, I suggest you do.

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Series: Shokugeki no Soma

Height: ~275mm
Release Date: 07/2016
Sculptor: Katsuaki Nemoto
Materials: ABS/PVC

The figurine comes in four parts: Erina, the translucent hand, the throne and the base.

We start with a full frontal view of her. You can easily see that her base is very much higher than traditional bases. It's about 2/3 the height of a nendoroid so the base itself will set Erina much higher than other figurines of her scale. This explains why the figurine's height measures as such. She sits high, definitely fit for a queen.

Two side views show her legs sticking out by quite a bit. You can definitely mitigate this if you so desire by placing her throne further back along the base but as per the instruction manual, it states to allow her legs to hang off the base with only one heel placed at or near the edge. This way, Erina doesn't seem shoved too far back along her own base and I think it accentuates her regal aura as well.

The back of the figurine. The throne itself is quite large and is big enough to block out nearly all of Erina when viewing from the back. Even her drooping dress can't be seen easily. The back of the chair (the sitting portion at least), while it has nice shading, looks very much flat in contrast to the rest of the figurine. The decor though, is a very nice touch.

Erina herself it very detailed which is what I expect of a premium quality scale figurine. Her ornaments are shiny, her dress is silky, her eyes are bright and her hair falls down with the grace of a princess (I use queen too often). She even has the prideful smile on her face! Oh Lady Erina, please step- sorry, I should do that on my own time.

Her eye colour is jade, which is in-line with the anime but her hair colour is a little different as some of you may have noticed. The anime has it strawberry blonde but the shades very so much so that it can go from either full on yellow or very light orange. I think their choice with the colour here fits the middle ground between the red and gold colour palette.

Her tiara is decorated with three red gemstones and shine very nicely in the light. Notice the frills coming off the top of her dress. The way they fall and crease feels so natural and works well in tandem with her skirt. Another gemstone at her chest is pushed so far outwards that it's tilting down! You can even see how much flesh is pushing out and up from her dress. I say they did a damn well good job with her curves! 10/10 would read up on adult doujinshi of her.

We can see how her hand is relaxed but ever so afloat. Couple that with her arm tucked under her cheek and you get a dainty but vicious woman. In the image above, you can also see the front decor of the chair. It is carved into the model, providing more depth and tone to an object that can otherwise compromise the theme of the figure.

Her legs are crossed and incredibly pale. The paleness pops more with direct sunlight and really helps reflect that last bit of brilliancy to one of men's lustful desires. If you look carefully, her heels are shining and they fit ever so softly on her.

The dress droop is evident here and while it looks natural enough, it's actually an indicator as to how far in you should place Erina on the throne. The creases on the inner parts of the dress make the effect of gravity appear more natural.

From other angles, you get to see the creases better. Notice how there's some slight creasing and shading around her waist. It's a really nice touch! You can even see where her belly button is! I would say that the only thing off about it is how skin-tight the dress appears to be around her chest and waist but that's very good execution nonetheless.

Notice her earring as well! My previous shots didn't capture the right angle to get it in frame but it's there. Equipped with a purple gemstone.

The translucent hand is a separate piece that is solely used as shown in the image above. You can attach it onto her foot to show how much of a weak and lowlife human you are. It doesn't matter who you are. You're nothing to the tsundere queen. Hence why we only need a translucent hand to show that.

The hand doesn't quite fit as snugly and easily as you'd imagine but three tries to put it on is about all you need to get it to stay there. You don't have to use the hand but I think it's a nice touch and I'd like to not keep any parts lying about elsewhere if that's at all possible.

Removing Erina, you can now see the interior of the throne. The back is decorated with the diamond cushioning (it isn't actually soft) akin to that of antique furniture while the incredibly intricate and near mind-blowing decor on it just baffles me. You wouldn't even see this with Erina on the throne but they still went ahead and did it anyway. I give applause to the sculptor.

A little close up on the back of the throne. You can see the intricacies of the design work even up to the ridges along the supporting pillars. But you can also see what I mean by a lack of depth when it comes to the back rest. It's a really unfortunate miss in an otherwise flawless figurine.

I should mention here that I did not get any shots of the base by itself. The base is very lightweight and wrapped in velvet (real) except for the bottom portion which is adorned with gold (fake).

Time for a quick gallery!

Let's start off with my favourite angle! Really, Erina's father may be horrifying but she owes him and her mother a big thank you. She is blessed and I am blessed because of that. And so is Soma! We can't forget canon.

More waist action.

More foot action. You can hardly see it but there's a tiny, little gap between the back of the heel and her foot. It's basically there because gravity is pulling the heel off ever so slightly. It's a very, very nice touch. 

Look how the dress curves around her rear! Perfection! No, I kid. What's perfect is how straight her back is straight despite herself slouching on the throne. Her hair shouldn't curve at the ends here due to earth's gravity but I'll let that pass with regards to the fact that the gravitational pull from her rear is just too overpowering!

Another nice shot of her curves with a slight peek at her earring and collar. A fine tease if you will.

Quite a vanilla shot if I do say so myself.

A close up of her face. You get to see her jade eyes a little clearer now. It's almost twinkling.

This shot is in here to show how only a single point is touching the back of the throne. I found it pretty funny.

And that's it! That is my 1/8th Scale Erina! I hope you enjoyed the review and I hope I did well with the photos this time around. Until next time!


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