Haul Post! (Nisio Isin Exhibition)

The bag they packaged everything in. It's huge as it could contain all my items including some extra gifts! Obviously, the bag design itself is unique and worth keeping.

I say this is a haul post but I have to disclose that I did nothing to acquire the items. All I did was tell snwlprd to fetch what I wanted and it was so. I am paying for them of course but it was not I who travelled to Japan and attended the event. You'd be seeing a separate post about said event if that was the case.

Anyways, without further ado, let's hop into the haul post! The Nisio Isin Exhibition Special! (And two other separate items that snwlprd has bestowed upon me for holding the fort).

Firstly, let's start with the map of the floor. Admittedly, I can't quite guide you through it as my knowledge of the show floor is second hand as well. But I'll try my best.

The arrow pointing in from the right is the start and the booths for the whole bottom row are all just exhibition halls. The first half are for all of Nisio Isin's other works while the second half is dedicated to the Monogatari Series. Apparently, there was even a life size sulking Shinobu in a dimly lit corner!

You turn the corner and head out from the top area as shown on the map. The '????' area is.....something. I'm as clueless as you are. The area after that was pure merchandising, mostly dedicated to the Monogatari Series.

For the kicker, apparently, they were showcasing upcoming Monogatari merchandise AND there were tons of merchandise there that were not at all listed on the website. I had to receive live updates from snwlprd so that I could relay what I wanted to add onto the previous shopping list.

The item above is quite simply a big red box with a very Monogatari design on it. Meaning to say, very minimalist with a striking background (in this case, striking colour). The front states the name of the exhibition and the item.

This is the side of the box. Again, the item and exhibition name but this time with the Monogatari logo. The opposite side is the same.

The bottom is straightforward.

Ah, the back of the box. Now you can see what it houses! Inside the red box lies Shinobu and the special acrylic display.

Opening the box, it's clear which one is which. At the top, you can already see something unusual with the Shinobu nendoroid. If you see carefully, it's written that this nendoroid is the 'b' version of the original and on the box itself, it is stated that this comes from exhibition. When I said before about the items being exclusive, I wasn't kidding around. Also, the original nendoroid had Shinobu in a white outfit, not a pink one. So even if you have the original nendo, this is still a nice piece to add to the collection.

A bigger view of the acrylic stand art picture whateveryouwannacallit. I didn't open it for this post as I'll save that for the eventual close up of the Shinobu Nendoroid box. But I can tell you that it fits broadly in your hands and stands up pretty nicely. It's not too big but not too small either. Definitely noticeable when placed on your desk. I can assure you. Mine looks fitting, staring at me from the corner of my eyes.

The Shinobu plush toy! She's cosplaying Senjougahara this time around with even the correct panties on. I would say she's a regular sized plush but I realise there's no benchmark for that. A quick check on MyFigureCollection has netted me the size of 200mm (height). Eyeballing it, I can say that that seems about right.

A nice little bonus (on top of the tsundere cosplay): her donut is detachable! You can stick it anywhere as it has a small Velcro patch on it.

The Kiss-Shot plush! She's the same size as Shinobu; a little odd but they fit well together! As you can see, the design is true to the source material (within the limitations imposed on by a cute, plush design).

Now, the three items listed above finish off my shopping list that I passed to snwlprd. But lo and behold, the Gods do not favour my wealth and I threw more of it away.

Firstly, blind boxes. I've never tried these things but at the price of 500 yen a box, I couldn't stop the temptation. I attempted two blind boxes. The 6 designs on the box are what you can get out of it (Meme, Karen, Tsukihi, Araragi, Senjougahara, Hanekawa). The items are small magnets designed to look like framed pictures. They even come with miniature stands to prop them up! I wouldn't dismiss that idea entirely as the magnets themselves are not very powerful; one small push and down they go.

I wanted Tsukihi and Senjougahara but alas, I only got Tsukihi. Meme is cool and all but Senjougahara is best girl.

The apparels were selling out very quickly and while I'm never one for open, obvious displays of anime love on clothing (aside from my collection of One Piece T-shirts), my inner fanboy screamed at me to get a piece of apparel. Out of everything in stock, I picked the one that looked the best and suited my fashion sense (a T-shirt because I'm boring like that). The T-shirt was free-sized, which did not fit me at first but after a good wash, shrunk right into place.

I wanted just Shinobu on the shirt but God wants me in jail. How can I argue against the divine power of God?

A neat thing I realised was that the label bore the event's title. A nice little touch.

With the T-shirt, that ends the Nisio Isin Exhibition haul. My shopping list was fulfilled and I went ahead with two magnets and a shirt. I considered numerous other items such as a power bank, some artwork, a hat and some trinkets. Ultimately though, I realised I was already over-budget and had to cut off here.

Now, on to the souvenirs!

Another Shinobu plush!! I've been eye-ing this one in Mandarake for a while now but never could convince myself to get it. This plush is slightly smaller than the other ones and is actually suited for hanging up. If you can spot that red ring above her head; that's how you hang her up.

Her donut is unfortunately not detachable but my my is she adorable. I've even hooked her up with my tiny Morgana (from the Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition).

Do you know what that is? It's Dia Kurosawa from Love Live Sunshine. I have to confess that I am not a Love Live fan. I am, however, a fan of Dia. I already liked her when I saw the preliminary designs for Sunshine and I powered through the show just for her. Suffice to say, snwlprd knew I'd appreciate this gift.

This is what is known as a nesoberi. In this case, it is a Mega Jumbo Nesoberi of Dia. She's about 400mm in length and 250mm in height. That's enormous if you didn't know!

Nesoberis aren't exactly a common thing to collect because they only feature about 50 different characters to choose from and they're all designed to look like lazy human beings. That being said, they're usually small enough to keep in a box somewhere in the house. A Mega Jumbo is an extremely ridiculous version of a nesoberi due to the sheer size of it. I love it though. Go big or go home!

That's it! That's everything I received, fresh from Japan. I honestly feel like starting a collection for every single Shinobu plush I can get my hands on and every version of a Mega Jumbo Nesoberi of Dia Kurosawa. Ruby Kurosawa is another interesting choice I might consider for the future.

P.S. I don't mean to rub it in but as I'm still relatively new to the whole merchandising scene and this is my first time getting exclusive merchandise, I must say that it is rather empowering to know that I have merchandise other people can't easily obtain anymore. I acknowledge that I have missed many such opportunities before this but it really is an interesting feeling.


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