Overwatch and RNG

You see the image above? It's a legendary Widowmaker skin released for the Summer Games 2017 Event in Overwatch. It's called Cote D'Azur which is French for French Riviera and is in reference to a real-life coastline of the same name.

I am a Widowmaker main. I am also known as the trash that is a Widowmaker main. I own a golden weapon for her and I usually just play her exclusively during quick play unless progress within the match is getting nowhere.

The Summer Games Event 2017 is ending and all I ask for is for the skin above. I haven't been playing Overwatch for a long while before this and as such, I am now grinding for more gold and more lootboxes. Unfortunately, my RNG is so bad that I managed to only get a legendary for Zarya's OLD SUMMER GAMES SKIN!

I'm at my wit's end. I want to play other games like Uncharted and Neptunia but Blizzard hates its player base. Nay, Blizzard loves money. This can all be solved if I just bought lootboxes. Unfortunately, games favour the dollar and so, because of my God-awful currency, I'm paying a premium for even just one lootbox. Buying lootboxes is out of the question.

So if I can't use money, ain't I screwed? Not quite. Money = time. Therefore, if you can't invest money, you can invest time. I've INVESTED HOURS. I am playing it whenever I'm free as much and as fast as I can. But RNG SUCKS.

Do you know what RNG means? Random Number Generation. It's a term used to refer to the computational science of randomness. RNG is also very personal. If you get good skins, you praise your RNG. You love it. If you get nothing like me, you write a blog post to rant like a little baby.


Oh, and this Mercy skin too!


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