Transformation Sequences


Why do we love transformation sequences? It doesn’t matter whether it’s an archetypical magical girl transformation like Sailor Moon or a more male-orientated version like from Bleach (sort of?). Transformation sequences are awesome. Watching someone power up and have their appearance change is satisfying to most people.

I’m bringing this post up because I’m going to continue my run through the Neptunia catalogue (I stopped for a while to get my Persona 5 Platinum trophy) and I realise that while the developers included transformation sequences, they didn’t include THE transformation sequence. From a gameplay standpoint, short and simple sequences are preferred but there was never any extended sequence from the initial get-go. Something like a first proper Digivolution that becomes a quick hash is what I’m talking about. That’s a general, almost classic approach to transformation sequences. They did it in the anime so I don’t see how the game couldn’t have had it.

I was reading online about people’s opinions on Cyberdimension and one guy wrote that the game looks to be an utter disappointment for him and he won’t be purchasing it simply because it was revealed that there won’t be any transformation sequences. Reading it for the first time, his opinion didn’t faze me but thinking about it now, that would be a pretty big killjoy especially because of the charm of going HDD against a boss. Sure, the current Neptunia games are all turn-based but even a real-time gameplay system can benefit from it. Might I refer you to Sora’s various Forms in Kingdom Hearts II?

Imagine, fighting enemies in real time and having a hard time but just as they think they have the upper hand, you unleash your HDD form. Cue an epic transformation sequence (that you can skip if you so choose) and the obliteration of the enemies.

I remembered when this guy's transformation was the shizz

This post really isn't a drawn out analysis. Just a curious thought regarding transformation sequences. I don't think I'm particularly drawn to any one transformation sequence (except in my childhood). I wonder whether any AAA titles will decide to use this at all.


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