Persona is Cashing In!


Two days ago, Atlus dropped their cash-in bomb for the Persona franchise.

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night

Persona Q2

Firstly, these announcements shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, Persona Q2's art was already in everyone's minds. It was basically fan art created by the person behind Persona Q and while it was technically unofficial, its presence on the internet all but spurred the rumours.

Now, with a confirmation, fans can rest easy. We only know that's it's going to be a 3DS exclusive and so far, only the cast of P5 has been confirmed. I mean, the logo should be enough of a confirmation for that. No trailers or anything besides the teaser site so we can't dance to anything unfortunately.

Speaking of dancing, Persona 3 and Persona 4 Dancing (please don't expect me to type the full titles all the time!) are confirmed to be coming to the PSVita (as it did previously for P4 Dancing) but also for the PS4! That means plebs like me who don't own a Vita can finally play a dancing game with Persona music!

The titles for the dancing games are name plays on the games themselves. Dancing All Night was probably the standard title of which the other two are based off. Moon for 3 makes sense, what with the Dark Hour symbolism. Star for 5 reflects their free nature and the fact that the Phantom Thieves is very much a public symbol.

No news on the release date for Persona Q2 but the two dancing games are coming in the Spring of 2018 to Japan.

A few other things to add on to this update post. Let's make this a quick-fire round:

1) A Persona 5 anime is in the works to be aired in Spring of 2018. There's a trailer for it too but it's been region locked in some countries so I'd rather you search externally for a link that works for you.

2) Many months ago, Atlus actually registered multiple domains (companies usually do this temporarily to ensure they get the domain names they may use). Does this point to a P5 Arena and a Persona franchise that rivals the FF Series? Possibly but any one could have seen this coming from a mile away.

3) The Persona P-Sound Bomb Concert happened a couple of days ago! You can find performances from the concert around YouTube. Hint: There's a performance where Futaba tap dances.

That concludes the Persona news for today!

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