Have you heard of Nendoroids?

Have you heard of Nendoroids? They're these chibi looking figurines that come in a bundle of different parts and accessories. You can pose nendoroids however you like to capture the beauty and charm of the original character in any way you see fit!

Nendoroids are a cheaper alternative to premium figurines and can be easily stored and displayed due to their small size. If you want to start figure collecting but don't yet have enough cash, I'd refer you to nendoroids!

But where are my manners. Of course, some of you are new and have not once tried figure collecting am I right? Stop right there and don't go away!

Click here for a beginner's guide to figure collection! It serves as a very informative and effective starting point for this niche market.

Why not follow that up with actual locales at which you can further develop this hobby? Of course, this will require you to be in the hub of the otaku culture. If you ever find yourself there though, you can consider yourself already well read!

Now that I've given you the basics, might I refer you to three nendoroid reviews written by three separate people? Myself included of course. Don't try to rate it though!

Nendoroid Aqua by yours truly!

Nendoroid Tomoe Mami by snwlprd!

Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II by Lance!

If you've decided to read those, for better or for worse, you should at least get the gist of what a nendoroid is and what sort of appeal it has. I'd recommend it personally. You can even clean it so don't worry about anything!

Finally, to wrap things up, why not look into the life of snwlprd?

The collection for one thing (albeit an outdated one).

Perhaps a silly but fun activity?

Unfortunately, that's all I can provide for you all today. I hope you've come out of this gaining some bit of knowledge regarding nendoroids or figurines in general. If you haven't, at least I gave you a worthwhile experience by dragging you around the blog.


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