The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy comes out in 2 days. Whenever you read this and whatever time it goes live, I've set the upload date to be on the 22nd of August.

I've preordered this title and depending on when you read it, I'm probably playing through it right now. As you guys know, I'm a big fan of the Uncharted series. And it isn't just me. Even fellow author Lance loves it! It's a great video game franchise and, like most fans, I was immensely satisfied with the ending of Uncharted 4. It signalled the end to a legend.

But of course, where there is money to be made, there is- wait a minute. Let me rephrase. Where one great adventure ends, another begins. The Uncharted franchise is not, in fact, over. Nathan Drake's adventure has been told but how about the others?

The Lost Legacy takes us to India as we join Chloe and Nadine in their very own standalone adventure! Some people still don't yet know but The Lost Legacy is a standalone Uncharted adventure. Even I made the assumption that it was a DLC. It is actually a standalone expansion to the Uncharted series.

I've been keeping with the down low on most things nowadays to avoid any unnecessary spoilers that may show up (it happens more often than you think) and because of that, I can't give you any sort of details regarding the game. I do know there'll be segments where you can use a truck (similar to the Madagascar chapter in Uncharted 4) and new gun types were added to the game. Other than that, I'm as lost as you.

You can be sure I'll be giving a Game Commentary once I'm done with the game. It won't take long. Maybe just a week to be honest. I tend to run with one game and ignore everything else. Until then!


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