Anime Movie Review - Summer Wars (2009)

I'm back again guys and this time, I've brought another one of Madhouse studio's works:
Summer Wars

The charming old school detail in the left poster along with the ridiculousness of the right poster should be enough to pique the interest of most anime fans. Summer Wars is a story set in our current day but with the whole world integrated with the virtual world of Oz. Social media, virtual reality and real life has been intertwined to a point where government and everyday community infrastructure can be managed through the world of Oz... until one boy, unknowingly, became the epitome for the phrase "shit hit the fan".
This masterpiece was directed by Hosoda Mamoru, who also directed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Wolf Children (which I have yet to watch).
Notice me, senpai!

What I loved throughout the movie was how the intricacies of Japanese culture and modern day virtual/social media was subtly and perfectly combined with everyday life. They somehow managed to make the virtual world of Oz play such a significant role in society without compromising local culture and have done so in such a way that may seem far-fetched yet not entirely unbelievable. Having a virtual world (which seems to be a popular genre nowadays) gave the animators a blank canvas to let their creativity and imagination run wild which is apparent with One Punch Man-esque fight scenes and character evolution that could rival Digimon (you'll see it when you see it).
You'll also learn a lot regarding the old Japanese families who were descendants from wartime eras; their sense of pride, loyalty, love, strengths and weaknesses, and individual idiosyncrasies of each family member that is not unusual compared to any other family (including yours and mine). Don't get me wrong here, no doubt this movie has strong and important themes, but it is also has a refreshing amount of comedy and romance that warms the heart. Don't be alarmed to be paid a visit by those damned onion-cutting ninjas. This movie deserves all the awards (emphasis on the plurality) it won.
Yer just itchin' fer a trollin'

You can watch it with your family; you should watch it with your friends. 
tl;dr: boy with crush on senpai fucks Japan up, senpai notices.
I rate 8/8, it's gr8 m8, you won't h8.

Writer's note: My job here is to make you watch the movie - that is the first step - no matter how good or bad the movie is (I probably won't review the bad ones unless I really have to). In the end, the decision of whether or not the movie is good should fall solely on your shoulders and no one else.


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