Medicchu Mutsu Review

Following yesterday's review of Naka, today we have something of a much larger caliber for review. This time, it is the 2nd Nagato-class Battleship and also one of the Big 7, Mutsu. She is not as menacing and aggressive in Medicchu form but, she is still packing massive firepower as we are soon to find out in the review. Before that, some basic information about Phat!'s Medicchu Mutsu.
  • Manufacturer: Phat Company, Good Smile Company
  • Series: Kantai Collection
  • Price: 3,500 Yen (before tax)
  • Release Date: 11/2015
  • Scale: Non-scale
  • Material: PVC
Front View
From the front, we are able to admire Mutsu's impressive cannons as is to be expected from a Nagato-class battleship. Together with it are Mutsu's signature outfit (which she shares in common with Nagato) and her "horn-like" antenna headgear.

Rear View
Unlike her flowing short hair which wraps around her face from the front, her hair in the rear is centered to a point with a spiky finish. Unfortunately, the sharp spikes at her hair ends are prone to rubbing off easily upon contact as we will see in a bit. 

Mutsu's ship parts continue all the way to the back and act as a connection point between her left and right turrets. These ship parts are extremely well detailed with clear panel lines and rivet spots. 

Another plus point of Mutsu's ship parts are the mobility of her turrets. Because turrets on both sides are mounted on a hinge, they have a limited amount of mobility on a single plane. While it does not sound like much, it actually goes a long way to enhance the figure itself as well as add some form of variability.

Here is a close up of Mutsu's facial details. She still remains her serious demeanor but, the deformed scale makes her look as is she is pouting. Couple that together with her well sculpted fringe and large olive green eyes and you have an extremely cute combination. Most of the Medicchu figures that I have reviewed thus far have all had very well applied eye decals and Mutsu is no exception.

Mutsu's uniform too has been faithfully reproduced, which serve to emphasize her bust even in Medicchu form. Even her midriff which is usually exposed because of her uniform's nature is emulated here with little details like her navel being included! On top of that, the thin red and white pinstripes present around her uniform are all painted extremely neatly with no signs of any paint spillage. 

In comparison to Mutsu, her turrets are exceptionally large and really stand out when seen from afar. Just like her ship parts, the turrets are very well detailed with clean panel lines and rivet spots.

Although they threaten to be too heavy, the turrets are actually very well secured to Mutsu's body. Potential owners would not have to worry much about it breaking off in the future.

Mutsu is probably worrying about fires again.

Earlier I mentioned the spikes at the end of Mutsu's hair ends are prone to rubbing off easily. Here is a closer look at several of the hair ends which have blunted even after light contact with the back of a display case. As such, this is one point potential owners would want to look out for. This is especially important when considering getting a pre-owned Medicchu Mutsu.

All in all, Medicchu Mutsu is an all around great deformed figure which particularly excels in its spot on proportions and meticulous attention to detail. Mutsu has no shortage of fans especially considering her status as a Nagato-class battleship. As such, for many fans the 3,500 Yen asking price may not be too much all things considered. But, for more casual observers of the series, I return to my usual recommendation of observing the re-sellers market for a well kept pre-owned example.

It's Naka-chan~dayo!
With that, comes an end to Medicchu Mutsu's review. Next time, we will be taking a closer look at two of Kancolle's most popular aircraft carriers. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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