SIF Coverage - Challenge Festival Round 1 Conclusion

The first ever Challenge Festival on SIF's EN Server has finally come to a close after 10 days of competition. Despite being the first ever of its kind on the EN Server, things were fairly civil throughout the entire event with cutoffs remaining fairly stable and ending well within the margins of prediction. Could this be due to there only being one Event SR up for grabs? Probably but, all things considered, the event went by very smoothly without any hiccups. Few hours post event, we here at Tiro Finale are going to break down the event for you and take an in-depth look at the final reward.

Starting with the Top 5 positions, we have Dakina and LuckySSL taking joint first place position with 1,578,131 event points. LuckySSL is no stranger to the Top 5 ranking spots but what surprised me the most were Dakina and Elliptic who were Rank 238 and 195 respectively! 

Meanwhile over at Tier 1, the fight for Top 1100 position came to a halt at 156,086 event points. Considering the final event reward was unlocked at 125,000 points, the cutoff sitting here was a fairly reasonable one. Early predictions expected the cutoff for Tier 1 to exceed 160,000 points but, things slowed down a little towards the end likely to the approval of many players.

Not forgetting Tier 2, the fight for Top 5500 position was equally important for many players because of the additional SR Maki which came with the qualification. This time, the cutoff for 5500th position went to Leksa with 93,602 event points. This figure falls exactly within the early predictions of 93,000 points. For all those who qualified within Tier 1 and 2, congratulations! 

A busy week saw me having to take a step back with much of my points coming from final day of the event. Fortunately, an empty schedule for today allowed me to catch up to Tier 2 if only barely.

Before we move onto SR Easter Maki, here is a quick look at the event's N Card, Rebecca. I am not too sure how her outfit fits into the whole Easter theme but, it does look good. 

Moving onto the star of the show, we have SR Easter Maki who's full potential can only be unlocked upon idolization. Pair both the identical copies, keeping in mind to place the higher level one in the above slot, and you will be able to unlock a fully idolized SR Easter Maki.

Those bunny ears a, not so subtle, reference to the Easter theme. It really is not too often we see Maki dressed in such frilly pastel colored dresses which traditionally suit Kotori best.

By merging both copies, you not only get a new design for the card but also raise the level cap from 60 to 80 while unlocking an additional Skill Slot. At Level 80, Maki's Smile Points sits at 4,810 making her the second strongest Smile Event SR. 

Couple that together with a Smile Ring and Smile Kiss skill plus an additional 500 Bond Points and you will be looking at 5,991 Smile Points in total making her a very formidable member for any Smile Team.

Also worth mentioning is her innate skill "A Friendly Egg Hunt" which is a Perfect Lock skill making those tough songs that much more manageable. The 35% trigger chance every 25 Rhythm Icons may not look like much but, it does last for a 3.5 second window which is rather significant.

To wrap it all up, here is a closer look at SR Easter Maki herself. While much of her outfit higlights the color yellow and white, the designers have not omitted her signature color, red, into her shoes. A nice touch befitting keen observers. 

Now, the next event should begin on the 15th of November meaning we will get a good week's rest. When the event does come around, you can be certain that Tiro Finale will be there to cover the event as it happens. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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