Medicchu Akagi Review

Hello again, everyone! Today we are back again with another Kancolle Medicchu review this time featuring one of the most popular carriers in the game, Akagi. Known for her capabilities as an extremely impressive aircraft carrier, Akagi is also known by fans of the series for her voracious appetite and incredibly long repair times. Fortunately, we have to deal with none of her downsides as we take a look at this adorable deformed figure of Akagi. Before we head into the review, let us first cover some basic information about one of the earlier Medicchu(s) in the series.
  • Manufacturer: Phat Company, Good Smile Company
  • Series: Kantai Collection
  • Price: 2,000 Yen (before tax)
  • Release Date: 12/2014
  • Scale: Non-scale
  • Material: PVC

Front View
From the front, we have Akagi emulating the exact same pose she does on the in-game card with her right hand gripping firmly onto an arrow with her other arm relaxed on her hip while holding onto her long bow. Admittedly, the pose translates well even into Medicchu's deformed scale where it manages to capture Akagi's calm, composed nature while still encompassing the cute nature that are Medicchu figure.

Rear View
Meanwhile over on the back, we have Akagi's long hair pretty much covering up almost everything save for her long bow which sticks through it. The trick with the bow "passing through" Akagi's hair is an especially neat on. As the two parts of the bow are separate, it is absolutely pivotal for them to line up otherwise, the entire look would be ruined. Fortunately, there are no mistakes here and the bow genuinely gives the impression of being a single piece passing through Akagi's hair.
Being one of the earlier Medicchu figures, Akagi has the series' signature hand-drawn eyes which look like scribbles over the usual "anime-styled" eyes. As time passed, the newer Medicchu figures began to adopt the anime-styled eyes instead as we have seen with Mutsu making Akagi's features a rather unique one even among the series. Personally, I really like it as it adds that touch of uniqueness to the figure which makes it instantly recognizable as a Medicchu figure. Overall, there is little to complain about Akagi's facial details as every decal is applied neatly and in a clean matte finish.

Moving onto Akagi's uniform, that is where things truly start to shine. Akagi's signature red and white uniform is faithfully reproduced in Medicchu form with superb color separation even down to her sandals! Other noteworthy details include the detailing of the flight deck on her waist (note the alternating white and red stripes) and the dark brown band on her wrist over her glove. These minute details are almost unnoticeable from a distance but, their inclusion makes for something pretty special when viewed up-close.

Even Akagi's ship parts are not to be left out. While Akagi's main armaments consist of a bow and arrow, there are additional bits too like her ship deck mounted on her right arm and the quiver equipped around her back. Even here, the arrow fins and ship deck are extremely well detailed especially the ship deck which closely emulates the original illustration.

Akagi's quiver which is usually obstructed can be seen quite clearly in the Medicchu version. Phat! decided to go with a metallic red finish for it which looks really good. This slight change in color pallet adds a great deal of variety to an otherwise simple red and white combination.

Akagi is probably wondering what is for lunch.

Akagi also comes included with a bucket of "Super Repairing Liquid"! Those of you familiar with the series would be no stranger to this as Akagi has one of the longest repair times in the game frequently requiring the use of "buckets" to speed up her recovery time. 

All in all, Medicchu Akagi is a superb deformed scale figure with hardly any complaints worth mentioning. Even the usual critique on price point is moot here as Akagi retails for only 2,000 Yen and that is when she was first released back in late 2014. These days, she can be gotten for much less on the re-sellers market and judging from how popular she is, I do not think too many collectors would hesitate to make that purchase.

With that, comes and end to our short review of Medicchu Akagi. I really hope you have found that helpful. Next time, we have another carrier making her debut! Can you guess who? Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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