Let Me Just Step Right In-

I got things to inscribe.
I'm a poet baby-
'maze the world,
'Litzer prize 'fore you kissed a girl
I'm a king, you're a turd,
I'm smooth you're sleazy.
Beating you is waay 2ez.

If you got the reference above, congrats, you should get along fine with my humour. The name's Corpsey, and I'm the lazy dormant writer that has been a thorn by snwlrpd's side for many many years... I first met snwlprd-sensei in uni when he saw me playing Skyrim and we immediately had that gamer-to-gamer chemistry. He introduced me to Warframe and through that I met Lance-sama, and not much further down the road Takuya-senpai (notice me!) as well.

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Gaming is pretty much the backbone of my core of the essence of my lifeblood of the - you get the picture; it's a big part of my life. It's my major source of de-stressing by immersing my mind into a limitless world of anything, and sharing this feeling with anyone out there who is willing to listen is just bliss. Have you ever been so excited and carried away talking about something you're so passionate about until someone tells you to calm-yo-tits?

Of course our interest towards anime just naturally blossomed. Like Takuya-senpai, I'm quite the hardcore One Piece fan myself, but I also have a soft-spot for romance-comedies (or rom-coms) amongst other genres but that's another story for another day.

I'm not as much a fan of figurines as snwlprd-sensei, but I mos-def can appreciate a good figure-ine. *wink wink
Do I have to reference the image if it came from the same blog?
Will we never know...


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