SIF Coverage - SR Summer Vacation Hanamaru

Day 5 of the event and we are here to take a look at the first attainable event SR, Summer Vacation Hanamaru! So far, things have been fairly slow for this event with the predicted cutoff for Tier 1 and 2 sitting at 53,000 and 31,000 points respectively. Of course, I do expect this to go up once the 4x songs are unlocked three days before the end of the event ushering in SIF's infamous "Wonderful Rush".

Before that, we are here to take a look at one of the stars of this event, Kunikida Hanamaru. Together with her vegetable basked, Hanamaru in her summer vacation outfit is unlocked upon collecting 11,000 Event Points. Not too tough of a feat especially considering how manageable the current event song is. When you first unlock her, the card will be automatically added to your account either to your member list or Present Box (if you have insufficient slots for additional members).

Here she is at Level 1 in Smile Attribute with 3,660 Smile Points out of the gate and a Score Up skill to boot. Just like every other SR, event or otherwise, the Leader Skills raises Smile points by 6%. Otherwise, Hanamaru is a pretty bog standard event Smile SR as expected.

At Level 60, Hanamaru gets a pretty significant jump to 4,490 Smile Points. As usual, her full potential is not fully unlocked until she is idolized in which case she becomes the 5th best Event Smile SR card.

As for her Skill Slots, an un-idolized Hanamaru would only have 2 open slots which make Smile Ring [1st] the best choice as it only requires two slots and scales with her growth. It may only provide 449 Smile Points which is less than the 450 that Smile Perfume adds but, the potential 250 Bond Points add on to her total Smile Points resulting in a higher total boost.

With all that talk of stats and numbers, let us move on to something simpler; a closer look at the design of Summer Vacation Hanamaru. The vegetable basket certainly evokes the feeling of summer although, her outfit does look a little too layered for summer. Either way, it is a simple but lovely design.

Lastly, here is a closer look at the event's N member, Ichinose Marika. Tomorrow, we will be taking a look at the idolized Hanamaru and, as usual, go through her stats, skills and design. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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