SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 22 Begins

Just like that, a new event has started on the EN Servers for School Idol Festival. Rather unexpectedly, it turns out to be Score Match Round 22 which centers on New Year's Nozomi. But when you think about how the year is coming to a close soon and with Lunar New Year just around the corner, it comes as to no surprise why KLab chose to launch this event lest Year of the Monkey Nozomi does not become relevant anymore.

At any rate, this event will only go on for 9 days (30/11 - 08/12) which is a day or two shorter than the usual. Granted there are no extensions like the previous event, this would be pretty good news for many players. Especially for those planning tier for the event, the cutoffs would not be so competitive given the short event period and it being only a single SR. That being said, it is an SR Nozomi who is one of the more popular members of Muse. 

As with all other Score Match events, the first SR is unlocked simply by collecting event points. In this case, Nozomi is unlocked at 25,000 event points. Along the way, you will also unlock various other rewards such as Friend Points, G and Love Gems.

In order to unlock additional copies, you will have to tier for the event. More specifically, Tier 1 (Top 1100) and Tier 2 (Top 5500) for two and one copies respectively. This is pivotal is you are interested in idolizing Nozomi while unlocking the third Skill Slot at the same time. It is currently much too early to predict the cutoffs for this event but, hopefully, it would not be too steep!

With that, I leave you with the selection for this event's N card, Kikkawa Mizuki. If you compare it with the JP version of the event, a different N card was handed out, Tsukishima Yuuka who more closely adhered to the theme of the event. Why KLab decided to make this change is beyond me, perhaps it was a mistake? Either way, we will see you again in a few days to take an in-depth look at the un-idolized SR New Year's Food Nozomi. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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