Medicchu Naka Review

It's Naka-chan~dayo!
From the popular web-browser game, Kantai Collection, it is everyone's favorite fleet idol, Naka-chan. Today, we have her in Medicchu and we will be taking a closer look at one of the earlier Medicchu(s) from Phat! of the Kantai Collection series. Before we begin the review, as usual, let us break it down with some basic information about the figure itself.
  • Manufacturer: Phat Company, Good Smile Company
  • Series: Kantai Collection
  • Price: 2,200 Yen (before tax)
  • Release Date: 05/2015
  • Scale: Non-scale
  • Material: PVC
Front View
For the Medicchu, everything from Naka-chan's outfit to her cheerful expression has been faithfully reproduced. Even her pose and winking face is a reference to her original pose in the game.

Rear View
Because Naka does not have too many ship parts, her rear is relatively unobstructed. On top of that, Naka's hair which are tied in two buns mean they do not obstruct her back too. Her twin hair buns are not the only attractive feature of her hair though, as the ends of her hair are sharply and neatly sculpted. The color tones too for Naka's brown hair are done very well but, more about that in a bit.

Here is a close up of Naka's face which has her sporting that signature winking expression. I especially like the combination of the Medicchu series' "hand-drawn" style with Naka's cheerful expression. Even her wide open smile sports a hint of teeth at the top which is a very nice touch indeed. As a whole, the facial expressions and details are spot on.

Aside from her outfit, Naka's hair is another which has received a great amount of care and detailing. From her huge ahoge (literally, foolish hair) to her twin buns, every aspect has been faithfully reproduced and with care. Even the ends of her fringe are neatly sculpted just like the hair ends at her back.

Her hair buns are a separate component from her hair entirely and this does result in fairly noticeable seam. Although it is a separate component, the hair buns cannot actually be rotated in anyway. This is probably so because the manufacturers did not want it to fall off over time.

Moving on, Naka's outfit is exactly as you would expect it to be following the one she wears in both her normal variant and Kai form. Her orange sailor outfit is paired together with various ship parts such as, the turrets mounted on her forearm and the torpedo launchers on her hip.

Just like her hair, Naka's outfit is exceptionally well detailed. There may only be 3 colors on her outfit, orange, black and white. But, the separation between them is really good notable with the thin black lines on her collar and the white detailing at the fringe of her blouse.

The fact that there was no paint spillage throughout with every surface painted evenly and neatly. Very impressive!

All in all, Medicchu Naka is yet another high quality addition to the Medicchu series with impressive painting, detailing an sculpting all around. While I would usually have reservations for the Medicchu series because of their price, I have little to no apprehension in recommending Naka especially with her retail price of 2,200 Yen.

With that, comes a close to Medicchu Naka's review. Hopefully, this short review has been helpful for your and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Until the next review, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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