SIF Coverage - SR Easter Maki

Halfway through the first ever Challenge Festival on the EN Server and things are starting to heat up. With a quick start off the gate with my players, new and old alike, hyped for the new event, we are seeing relatively high cutoffs for this event. Especially when you consider that the final Event Point reward is at 125,000 (a Single Green Scouting Ticket) while, Tier 2 is currently predicted to cutoff at 100,000 event points. An exciting event indeed!

More than talk about the progression of the event rankings, I am also here today to talk about the event SR as is the typical Tiro Finale mid-event tradition by now. Today, we will be taking a look at SR Easter Maki. Yes, if you were wondering, we are nowhere near Easter. But, due to the original date the event was released on the JP Servers, we will just have to take as it is.

While Easter may be nowhere in sight, this SR Easter Maki sure is here right now and I am sure this is one Maki fans have been waiting for a long time. Here she is at Level 1 when you first unlock her. A Smile Attribute SR with a Perfect Lock may have been the trend for the past few Smile Event SR(s) but, it is still nothing to scoff at especially when you take into consideration Maki's point growth for this card. 

At Level 60, Maki's Smile Points goes up by 830 points for a total of 4,530 Smile Points. Idolize her and she will eventually go on to become the 2nd most powerful Event Smile SR. The fact that her strong stats are paired with a Perfect Lock skill just makes it all the better.

Of course, let us not forget about the design of the card either which has Maki handing out painted Easter eggs in one hand and holding a basket full of them in the other. By all means, it is a fairly simple design that communicates the main theme fairly well. In my opinion, the idolized version is where Easter Maki shines the best and, for that, we will have a full coverage of her come the end of the event. Together with that in-depth look at the event card, we will also be taking a look at the rankings and cutoffs to give us an idea of what to expect in future Challenge Festivals. Until then, thank for so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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