Mid-November Haul - Nendoroid Musashi Preview

 Hello, everyone! We are again with another haul of the month article. This time, covering a very special Nendoroid from the Kantai Collection series, Musashi. Unveiled earlier this year in August, Musashi stood out from the rest of the Kancolle Nendoroids not just because she was a "big" battleship but, also because she was a limited sale item.

Pre-orders for Musashi opened 3 days after her announcement and the window would only remain open for as long as Good Smile had stock of her. Once they were out, the pre-order windows would close and the only other way to get hold of her would be at either Kancolle Events or Good Smile Company Events. In a way, making this figure a "limited" collection.
Although we cannot say for sure how many Good Smile actually made, it is safe to assume they produced a fair bit of Musashi(s) within the brief production window. While Good Smile's online shop did get overloaded when pre-orders for Musashi first open, she still remained in stock for a good month before finally closing.
Shortly after, Good Smile began shipping Musashi out to the lucky many who pre-ordered her making this one of the fasters announcement to release Nendoroids. Just like her sister ship, Yamato, Musashi was a Yamato-class battleship meaning she came equipped with a huge array of weaponry and ship parts. For all that, Musashi goes for the same asking price as Yamato and, currently, Iowa at 7,222 Yen (before tax). 
One rather unique point about Musashi's Nendoroid that I like is the ability to convert her to her "Kai" Version simply by swapping out a few parts. While the changes are slight, I am glad Good Smile included this feature!
All of that said, what do you think about Nendoroid Musashi? It is a little unfortunate that getting Musashi has become a rather difficult task now that she is no longer available via conventional sales especially since she is such an iconic ship both in and out of the game. On the other hand, it certainly does guarantee that fans who bought her earlier on have something truly special in their hands.

On that note, we come to a close on this rather one-figure-focused haul coverage. As the months come to pass, I have been attempting to streamline my collection namely by cutting down the number of figures I purchase and choosing instead to save up for the more premium ones. Until the next month, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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