Super Sonico Drink Holder Preview

There is a new Sonico figure in my collection and, this time, it comes courtesy as a belated birthday present! While it may be several months late, it was still fairly unexpected to get a Sonico figure for a present especially one like this. The Drink Holder Super Sonico is a prize figure released by FuRyu sometime last year.
Before I put the figure through for a rigorous review, here is a quick preview of the things to come starting with a look at the box and a quick peek at the contents within it. The box in itself is a pretty standard prize figure affair with the box being made of thin cardboard and being much larger than it should be (to make it more difficult to grasp in arcade machine games). That being said, the box is actually significantly smaller than other prize figure boxes but, this is much in part due to the size of the figure.
Sonico holding on tightly to your bottled beverage keeping it safe from falls and spills is the main attraction here. Form and function all rolled into a single figure or, at least that is what the marketing team would like you to believe. Personally, I have always been rather skeptical about the actual purpose of these sort of figures. But, then again, I would not know for sure until I have tested its functionality out for myself.

Available in both Silver and Gold, these are the two color variants of the same figure. The only difference is the color off Sonico's swimsuit which will either be metallic gold or silver. Over here, we have the latter.

Over on both sides of the box, there is this lovely box art of Sonico depicting the action of holding onto a large bottle. Somehow, I really like this art despite Sonico's obvious depiction in a much too revealing swimsuit. 

Open up the box and you will be greeted with a figure carefully placed in ample bubble wrap to protect the actual figure itself from falls, bumps and any possible damage to the box. It is indeed a nice touch to receive this much added protection as many prize figures (without a window) often include less bubble wrap.

Remove the outer layer of bubble wrap and there are further reinforcements yet inside. A simple clear plastic case wrapped around Sonico and a cardboard piece tapped to the plastic wrapping to provide vertical strength. While it is not a point often brought up concerning prize figures, I am actually very happy with the steps that FuRyu have taken to protect the figure from any possible damage. Especially considering the fact that these prize figures were made for the arcade where having the prize drop a considerable distance is the norm. 

All in all, I am looking forward to reviewing this rather interesting figure. More importantly, it would mark my long awaited return to figure reviews as I have been separated from my collection for the better part of a year. Until then, thank you so much for reading this preview of the Super Sonico Drink Holder figure and I hope you have a wonderful day ahead!


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