SIF Coverage - Research is Required Conclusion

After an extended event and maintenance, SIF EN's latest event, Research is Required, has finally come to a close. These past 11 days have been rather interesting with many players earning back a small portion of what they invested in Love Gems due to the emergency maintenance compensation (4 Love Gems). Together with an extended event time, this meant the possibility of an even higher cutoff which, unfortunately, did materialize. So without further ado, let us go through the entire event from the rankings to the rewards.

Starting with the Top5 spots, we have the usual display of insanely high event point with first place going to Rice Queen with 1,010,101 points. Meanwhile, the remaining 4 players shared tied 2 and 4 place finishes with 70,000 and 52,000 points respectively. As if working for these much points was not already hard enough, these players take it one step further by finishing on a nice round number or in the case of "Rice Queen", binary code.

Meanwhile, over in Tier 1 we saw the cutoff rise by 4,000 points over the initial "Day 10" prediction. Ending at 61,353 points, the 1100th position goes to Roach. Aiming for Tier 1 this time around did require significant investments as the final reward for event progression was unlocked at 50,000 event points.

Over in Tier 2, the cutoff for 5500th position ended at 39,739 points with the final position going to WECoyote. This was a roughly 3,000 point increase over the initial end-point estimate of 36,000 event points. While the rise in cutoff was almost to be expected, this was not too bad as an additional SR Hanamaru was unlocked at 40,000 event points.

For this event, I fell somewhere in the middle of Tier 2 as per usual but, this time spending a little more Love Gems than I probably should have. While I failed to qualify for Tier 2 in terms of song rankings, I was fortunate because Tier 3 shared the same rewards as Tier 2.

A closer look at the un-idolized N card, Ichinose Marika

And here she is idolized

Then, we move onto the star of the show, SR Summer Vacation Watanabe You!

At Level 1, You is your typical Score Up Pure SR sporting 3,610 Pure Points and two open Skill Slots. What I did find rather interesting is her skill "Camping Adventure" as while the 31% chance of sounds a little low, it was tied to achieving a 19 Combo meaning this card tied very much to player skill. Those who are able to hold smoother and longer combos would no doubt benefit from this card which will boost your total score one-third of the time she is activated.

Throw enough Alpaca or Teachers at You and she would eventually reach her level cap, Level 60. At this point, she would be sporting 4,440 Pure Points.

In order to unlock her full potential though, you would need to idolized her and that is by means of Special Practice either using an additional copy or stickers. Personally, I always recommend using an additional copy when available. 

Tadah! You reporting in her Sunflower dress.

Idolization raises the Level Cap to 80, which then also pushes her Pure Points up to 4,720 making her the 9th best Event Pure SR card. Take into account the additional 500 points you can gain by increasing your bond with her and we are looking at 5,220 Pure Points in total.

If you idolized You by means of using two identical copies of her, you would unlock an additional third Skill Slot. For this, my recommendation would be to use Pure Cross [2nd], a very versatile and potent skill which increases the Pure points rather significantly.

Lastly, here is a closer look at SR Summer Vacation You. The dress she wears is very much similar to the one worn by Hanamaru too. The next event is predicted to begin on the 30th of November granting players roughly a week of respite. You can be sure that we will be there to cover the next event too. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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