SIF Coverage - Research is Required Token Event

It is time again for another SIF Event on the EN Server! This time, we have a double-SR Token Event centered on Hanamaru and You. For some reason or another, the event is titled "Research is Required" despite the focus being on Summer Vacation. Before you ask, yes, the EN Server's timeline has gone off a tangent as we are pretty much at the end of Autumn by now already. This is likely to do with KLab trying to catch up the EN Server with the JP Server. Perhaps for an eventual server merger?
One thing that is certain though, is the double Event SR rewards that are up for grabs. Being a Token Event, they are unique in the fact that they offer three categories of rewards instead of the usual two. The first SR, Summer Vacation Hanamaru, is unlocked as a Completion Reward. Simply put, she is unlocked via accumulating more Event Points with the first copy unlocked at 11,000 Event Points.

At 25,000 Event Points, the second copy of Hanamaru is unlocked allowing players to idolize her even before the end of the event.

 That is not all though, as a third and final copy is unlocked at 40,000 Event Points. This is notably collected by players who aim for Tier 1 but, these days, we are seeing cutoffs for Tier 2 exceeding that figure as well. For this event, we will have to see how things progress. Strength wise, the two Event SRs up for grabs are fairly useful which would see a rather high cutoff by the end of the event.

Over on the other end, You is unlocked as part of an Event Ranking rewards making her the reward for the usual Tier 1 and 2 positions. Differing from Hanamaru, You is of a Pure Attribute but, shares the same Summer Vacation. 

Finally, the last category of rewards are the Song Ranking Rewards which offer the lucrative Scouting Tickets. Two for Tier 1 and one for Tier 2, this category is always fiercely competitive. But, if you look closer at Tier 3, you would realize that the rewards are exactly identical as Tier 2 where instead of a Scouting Ticket, a Love Gem reward would instead be there. Could this be an error on KLab's part or something intentional? Only time will tell.

As for the Event Song, it is Tokimeki Bunruigaku, an AZALEA song. While, The Token in "Token Event" for this event are Sunflowers. Even on Expert, the event song is only a 9 Star Cool Song with roughly 371 notes making it a welcome addition for many players.

Well, the event has finally started and I am truly glad it is a Token Event as this means there will be more time to practice the new Master Difficulty songs. The first few that were released are going to expire soon hence, I would recommend you should get about to them too!

In the next installment, we will be taking a closer look at SR Summer Vacation Hanamaru. In the meantime, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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