Medicchu Junyou Review & Photo Gallery

Over the next few weeks, we will be shining the spotlight on several Medicchu Kancolle figures with new reviews of these premium deformed figure every alternate day of the week. Marking to start of this marathon, is the fleet's resident alcoholic, Junyou! She also happens to be a Hiyou Class Light Aircraft Carrier who uses magic to summon her planes. Before we jump into the review, let us go through some basic information about Junyou.
  • Manufacturer: Phat Company, Good Smile Company
  • Series: Kantai Collection
  • Price: 3,200 Yen (before tax)
  • Release Date: October 2016
  • Scale: Non-scale
  • Material: PVC
Front View
To give you an idea of the scale, Medicchu Junyou stands roughly 70mm in height making it roughly two-thirds the height of a Nendoroid. Yes, these deformed figures are indeed very small with more than half of the height coming from the figure's head alone. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Phat Company skimps on the detailing and quality either as, you will soon find out, are all executed very well especially at this price bracket. 

Rear View
Junyou's purple hair covers up the entirety of her back and spreads out wide making it the most prominent component of the figure. It is also by far, my favorite part of the figure regardless of it being viewed from the front or the back. From the back, each hair end is sculpted exceedingly well with subtle purple tone shifts and sharp pointy hair ends. 

From the front, Junyou's hair too is perfectly sculpted with her fringes framing her round face. A fairly noticeable head seam is present but, that is very much expected for a deformed figure. This is much in part due to the large size of the head.

Even from the front, the subtle purple tone shifts are present making it quite a delight to view especially under bright light where the gradual change in tones are more noticeable.

In terms of facial details, Phat Company is once again spot on with their Medicchu series. Junyou's large purple eyes are well applied with an even matte finish matching her eyebrows and subtle blush on her cheeks. While her cheerful expression perfectly suits her energetic pose. It may be a small figure but, it is not short on character.

Junyou's outfit and equipment too are faithfully reproduced. Unlike the other carriers in Kancolle, Junyou uses magic to summon her fighter planes. Her left hand holds the "magical" scroll mimicking the launch deck on an aircraft carrier. For the Medicchu figure, this details has been faithfully reproduced with a decal applied over the scroll.

Meanwhile, her right hand casts the magical summoning spell with the words "Imperial Edict" written in kanji. These too are applied via decals over the clear purple energy orb. 

Even Junyou's white and red outfit is faithfully reproduced down to the golden sash which runs across her outfit. The color separation between the three colors (red, gold and white) are all neatly painted with no visible paint spillage which is all the more impressive considering how small it actually is. On top of that, even the charms on Junyou's collars and her necklace are reproduced as little grey and red charms respectively!

Meanwhile, Junyou's ship parts are mounted to her back and are only visible from the side as her hair blocks out much of the back. The ship parts are fairly simple with slight detailing such as the turrets, decks and bridge. But, these are all fairly rudimentary and the entire ship part is painted in the same shade of grey. 

While most of Junyou's features have been carefully emulated on this small Medicchu figure, there are some minor changes to the design in order to accommodate for the smaller size. One notable example would be her summoning launch deck scroll which has paper planes on the original design while the Medicchu one lacks such detail. Instead, opting for a clear runway instead.

Here is a closer look at Junyou's ship parts and her feet. Despite being a very small part, her feet are still painted and in three different colors no less! 

All in all, Medicchu Junyou is an extremely adorable deformed figure which certainly lives up to the high standards that the Medicchu series has set for itself in the past. This level of execution and quality is almost a necessity especially when you consider the 3,200 Yen asking price. For casual fans of the series, this may be a hard sell due to the hard price. But, there is good news, as Medicchu generally have a tendency to fall (and quite significantly) in price in the re-sellers market. So as long as you do not mind one which has been used or with a damaged box. 

Medicchu Junyou is certainly eye-catching with her unique purple hair and, upon closer inspection, holds up phenomenally under scrutiny. Highly recommended, for the right price. 

Well, I sure hope this short review of Medicchu Junyou has been useful for you. Stay tuned for more Medicchu Kancolle figure reviews throughout the coming weeks! Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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