So I started Keijo over the weekend and got so hooked onto it that I even caught up to a manga. I never thought I'd say that about an anime like Keijo.

If you don't know, Keijo's an anime about a fictional sport called, well, Keijo. It's about women battling each other on a floating platform in a pool with the goal to push their opponent off. The key factor here is that they can only use their tits and their ass. Mostly just their asses though.

Sounds silly. It honestly is. But the author has embraced that silliness. What with constantly cringeworthy names like Titty-Hypnosis or the Vacuum Ass Cannon, the author seems to not give a damn. And rightfully so. I don't think one can really sell on this premise if you try too hard to relate it to the real world.

Keijo is hilarious. The characters are likable enough to generate a very relaxed atmosphere and the fact that they can get serious over such monikers like the Ass-Eater makes it entertaining to follow. Also, some of the animations are just too ridiculous to not laugh at. I have to admit that the author is pretty creative to be able to think of these sort of things, especially with the context at hand.

Keijo is definitely not for starters though. You've got to be quite head deep in the industry to appreciate it for what it is but I'm glad I followed it. It's a pretty good time. Sort of like a lighthearted sports anime.

FYI, I've stopped following sports animes for a long time. It ain't my cup of tea no more. Which is why I find this a little refreshing.

P.S. FFXV is out at the time of this reading! So I'll either be loading up on my impressions through each part of the game for the next few weeks or just a full-on 'review' at the end.


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