Overwatch: Sombra

Overwatch recently announced their new hero: Sombra, the hacking genius. They've released a bunch of videos introducing the character, her skills and even an animated short. Considering Sombra was the most anticipated hero to come to Overwatch (no less because of the way she was marketed), I think her introduction to the game is going to change everything.

You see, Sombra has the ability to hack enemies, essentially rendering them unable to use their abilities for a short period of time. She can also turn invisible and teleport though those skills come with their own repercussions but you can read that on the Overwatch page if you're interested. Having the ability to nullify other abilities is a game changer in Overwatch considering how much ults can change the flow of the game. She's almost going to be a must-pick for matches, competitive or otherwise. She's also a level 3 difficulty offense, meaning to say that her functionality compliments her ability to kill enemies more than it serves as just leverage for her team.

Now, I say game changer but every hero in Overwatch is a game changer. It's simply the way the game was designed. But until now, we haven't gotten a hero that could disable all enemy abilities including shields and turrets. And did I even mention her passive? She can see enemies with low health through walls. This makes her more potent as a stealth assassin as she can pick off the flies whenever necessary or render them useless in a team fight.

From the animated short, we also see that Sombra has a playful personality. She's bad no doubt but she does what she does to further her own means rather than the means of Talon. I like that. We've seen those characters before but not in Overwatch and having a playful villain suits the atmosphere of the game. See, Reaper is an edgelord and Widowmaker seems overly serious but Sombra sticks out as a Joker sort of character.

I also like her design. She isn't carrying some kind of panel, going around and plugging in a cable. She has these finger gloves and her hacking plays out sort of like the puppeteering does in Naruto. She gets long extensions of data emanating from her fingertips to her target. She then hacks them through tactile control. It's a pretty neat design.

Anyways, I shouldn't go on forever about Sombra. Who knows, maybe everyone will hate her a few weeks after release. I haven't tried her yet because I usually just wait for the final release as opposed to the PTR server. But whatever it is, Sombra has finally been revealed.


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