Current Season Animes (I’m Watching)

I've finally trimmed down my anime list this season about a week back and I thought it's time I mentioned them here. So what new animes am I watching this season?

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki (Kiitaro's yokai picture diary) is a short anime (only a few minutes per episode) about two kids and their experiences with the various yokai they seem to find. It's a cute comedy and well worth the watch considering the length of each episode.

Girlish Number is an anime from the same person who wrote Oregairu/SNAFU. It's basically a show about the inner workings of the seiyuu industry (however bad it may be). It definitely sheds light on an industry that most would otherwise think is fun and flawless. The animation quality, pacing and voice acting (this should be expected) are all, so far, great. I'm enjoying every episode.

Tawawa on Monday is another short anime about women with huge breasts comforting overworked men on Mondays (because we all hate Mondays right?). It doesn't really fall under any genre aside from giving you a desire to look up proper H-18 stuff. I watch it though because why not.

Nanbaka is a show about the people that belong to the greatest prison in the world. And no, I totally meant that in all its fantasy glory. The show is a comedy primarily about the convicts of Cell 13 and their shenanigans with the staff. The show is incredibly light-hearted and it's a great show to watch when you just want to unwind. It's also a must watch just for Momoko.

The second to last show is WWW.Working!!. I recently caught up with the Working!! series and was really impressed by it. It had some flaws but was overall a great time. Who's to say WWW.Working!! isn't? Muranushi is also incredibly adorable.

Finally, we have Occultic;Nine, an anime based on the light novel series of the same name. The author who wrote this is also none other that the person who created Steins;Gate. So, if you've watched Stens;Gate, the flow of this anime is incredibly similar. I can't really say much for it so far since I believe I can only rate its strengths later on when the plot becomes more apparent. I will say this, it has intrigued me thus far. And I'm not talking about the boob physics. Now that, that just breaks the laws of nature.

And that's it! That's my list for this season. I have tried others like Drifters and Trickster but none of them really panned out for me. I also didn't really want to get myself involved in many 'serious' anime. I think the only show on my list that can be taken seriously is Occultic;Nine and trust me, that's difficult in itself. The rest are more light-hearted shows that allow me to get in and out without much of a problem. I have, however, not tried EVERYTHING yet. I've tried most of what is available. If I ever do try and start watching others, I'll probably do a wrap-up review of this anime season after it's over.

Now I wonder, what shows are you guys watching?

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