SIF Coverage - SR Summer Vacation Hanamaru Idolized

The 4x Event Songs went live yesterday and, as expected, the cutoffs are starting to pick up steadily as many players cash in their hard earned Sunflowers. Yesterday, we took a look at the base SR Summer Vacation Hanamaru that most of you would have gotten by now. Today, we will be taking a look at the idolized version first unlocked upon reaching 25,000 Event Points. 

As usual, upon attaining the required amount of event points, Hanamaru will automatically be added to your account be it your Member List or Present Box. 
In order to unlock any member/card's full potential, you will need to use the Special Practice method. Of course, these days having two identical members to complete Special Practice is no longer a necessity as Stickers can be used in place of the members. But by doing so, will not unlock you an additional Skill Slot that traditional Special Practicing will grant you. 

Successfully complete Special Practice (by either method) and you would have yourself an idolized SR Hanamaru. Congratulations!
Besides the change in design, all idolized SR(s) have their level cap raised to 80. At Level 80, Hanamaru's Smile Points moves up further to 4,770 making her the fifth strongest Event Smile SR to date. Couple that together with a decent Score Up skill and you have a pretty potent combination.
Now with 3 available Skill Slots, you have greater choices as to the skills you would like to apply. At this level, I would recommend either a Smile Cross [1st] or Smile Aura as they both take advantage of the 3 open slots. With a Max Bond and Smile Cross equipped, Hanamaru's Smile Points is able to go all the way up to 6,113 points!

Here is a closer look at Hanamaru in her sunflower inspired dress. While I do think the dress' design is quite lovely, I do find the excess of sunflowers a little overbearing. Not only that, Hanamaru's right arm look a little disproportionate, does it not?

On a last note, there is a new Master difficulty song that has been added to the roster today, Aishiteru Banzai!, which is oddly enough only a 10 Star song. With just three days left to the event, we can only guess what the final outcome will be. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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