Game Commentary: Etrian Odyssey IV

I finished Etrian Odyssey IV! I actually finished the main story about a week or so ago and was on the post-story dungeon but with a level 69 party, I decided that I should put a stop to my adventure. Not only am I significantly under-levelled, the mobs and bosses for the post-story were insanely tedious to fight against. I don't have the time I had as a kid anymore. But it's alright. I think I should allow Elise (Landsknecht), Marina (Sniper), Aisha (Runemaster), Rein (Fortress), Kyouma (Medic), Lady (Nightseeker), Saya (Dancer), Wufan (Arcanist), Kibagami (Bushi) and Logre (Imperial) to rest. They deserve it.

I'm going to miss Elise

This is my first proper Etrian Odyssey game. And it was a damn well good one. I gave my impression of the game before but I'm going to add a few more things to that. I definitely still believe that a lot of my issues with this game stem from the fact that it is a dated title. I strongly believe that the series (based on Persona Q) has already updated their gameplay to become significantly more accessible and streamlined. The only other issue is the absurd level requirement to finish the post-story but I suppose that sort of thing comes hand-in-hand with a purely dungeon-crawling based game.

I should note that nothing in this picture is actually done by the player

I enjoyed creating my own adventure. I enjoyed adding my own details to the backbone of a story provided by the game. Nothing felt intrusive on my creative freedom. They gave me the outline of the plot and I simply had to create the story. It was great fun and something I don't think occurs in any other game.

Aside from that, I suppose the game would indeed be more fun if I had gotten it on release or if anyone around me would actually play the series. I couldn't make use of any of the network features and so, I can't really judge that part of the game. It was something that was there but I just couldn't use it. Also, while I did have my great adventure, I don't get to tell my story. I don't get to tell the tale of Elise and Marina and their training with the Bushi. Or the tale of Aisha's growth into one of the most powerful Runemasters. Or the tale of how Lady was named Lady. And neither could I get the stories of others. It's something I feel could have added another impact to the whole experience.

You'd think I would have gone for the harem story route

Writing this now, I really can't wait for Etrian Odyssey V. That looks really good. I can't wait to think up a whole new array of characters, to soak in the bliss of cartography, to groove to the music as I slay my enemies and to ultimately enjoy what I enjoy the most: creating stories. Will I play EOU and EOU2? Maybe. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to. But again, I don't have as much time anymore. I've already allocated time in my schedule for FFXV, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn and Tales of Berseria (in that order).

I guess for now, I can just ride the Milady and go where the Seekers guild goes.


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