SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 6 Introduction

Here it is, the event everybody in the SIF community had been expecting ever since the EliRin Double SR event. This time, the stakes are even higher in this KotoUmi Double SR event not just because, these particular event SR(s) are highly sought after or the fact that Medley Festival are generally more competitive but, also because of tier expansions!

The first event SR to be unlocked would be Umi at 22,500 event points.

And Kotori not too far behind at 27,500 points. As far as SIF Events go, Medley Festival is as uncomplicated as it gets with players only having to play songs to earn points. No tokens, no match up, just simple lives which can be played in variable difficulties and numbers (up to 3). Of course, booster make things a little more exciting but, do not change the course of the event too much.

The one thing everyone has their eye own is, without a doubt, the tier expansions. Tier 1 now sits at Rank 1-1100 and Tier 2 at Rank 1101-5500. This makes it a 10% expansion in both these high value tiers. Personally, with just this small increment I do not think we will see a major shift in the event cutoffs with the exception possibly being this event. Most events after a major change tend to be the anomalies.

After playing SIF for close to a year, I always promote the key to successfully tiering is to never aim for the lower limits but, spend that little bit more just to secure your position. Before I end today's coverage, here is a quick look at one of the event N members, Saotome Yukari in a lovely Cool blue attribute. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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