Tokyo Days 36 - Welcome to Osaka

The weekend had arrived and it was time to go on an adventure! I had always wanted to visit Osaka so, with a little bit of time on my hands and an hour flight later, I found myself in the sunny city of Osaka. Alright, maybe not so much sunny as it was cloudy and raining from the moment I landed in the evening.

One could not pay a visit to Osaka without having some of their famed Takoyaki. This particular one had an a poached egg atop with extra spring onions. Somehow, I much prefer the traditional styled ones.

A visit to Osaka too would not be complete without a visit to the famed shopping street, Dotonbori. In the background is one of Osaka's most prolific landmark the Glico running man which has now been updated as a LED screen.

There were, literally, tonnes of illuminated billboards promoting everything from shops to merchandise.

If that in itself was not overwhelming enough, the huge crowds would certainly have. The streets were crowded with both foreign visitors and locals which did not seem to be dampened one bit by the rain.

Walk far enough and you will come across the start of the street with this sign. Good old neon signs.

One of the most popular attractions, unsurprisingly, was the humongous multi-story Don Quijote store which attracted foreign tourists by the droves. I tried to take a look inside but, less than a minute later, I gave up as it was far too crowded. Located not too far from this premise was yet another Don Quijote store which spanned several floors too but, that one was much less crowded possibly due to the higher prices and location. Who knows? With that, I decided to call it a day to get some rest for the adventures which lied ahead the next day. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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