SIF Coverage: Promise of Today Conclusion

After the intense competition that was the previous EliRin Score Match, it was sure nice to go back to the good old semi-competitive single SR event. Promise of Today, aptly named, was Nozomi's Token Event which ran for 11 days and finally comes to a close today at 8.00 a.m. UTC. Despite being not as crazy as the previous post-update 3.0 events, the cutoffs were still rather high as Nozomi is one of the more popular characters on the EN Server. Without wasting any time, let us take a look at the rankings.

Starting with the front page, we have the Top 5 positions. This time, first place goes to JOG with 382,620 points. While the Top 3 all have very impressive scores, what amazes me the most are NozoPower and ForMyWife at fourth and fifth place respectively. Both these players are well under Rank 200 especially NozoPower at only Rank 128. Just imagine the amount of Love Gems that had to be invested to get there. Not to mention, the time too!

Next up, we have the Top 1000 positions which make up Tier 1. WashiPawa takes that final position with 40,920 points in total. Post Update-3.0, some players are discussing the merit of qualifying for Tier 1 as the Sticker Shop is now available. Honestly though, I have yet to see the merit in it unless the cutoff for Tier 1 is sufficiently low.

Moving on, we have Tier 2 which holds the Top 5000 positions. The expected cutoff was to be around 28,500 points yet, we saw a slight increase in that prediction with the final cutoff being 29,190 points with the honors going to Tamavir.

It was a given that I was planning to tier for this event but, I decided not to go overboard with the event points. After spending 15 Love Gems, I managed to secure myself a position comfortably in the middle of Tier 2. Not forgetting, the event reward for hitting 30,000 event points was 2 Love Gems which helped ease my investment somewhat.

Qualifying for Tier 2 would get you a Present Box which looks something like this. Unfortunately, still no Tier 1 for the Song Ranking for me. I would need more URs to get into that bracket.

Here we have a closer look at the idolized N card all bubbly and sweet.

Moving on to the star of the show, be careful when carrying out Special Practice for your SR Nozomi. Always ensure the higher leveled one is placed in the slot above.

Complete that and you will have successfully obtained yourself the SR Bath Robe Nozomi!

This is the one event SR that I had been looking forth too ever since I started playing SIF. To be able to finally obtain it, is just one of those milestones for me. Even without Nozomi's ridiculously strong stats, I would have still slogged it out to get this card. Fortunately, the card is worth every last Love Gem invested as she stands to be the second most powerful Pure Event SR thus far. It also helps that her Perfect Lock skill is very good too hence the name, My Newest Charm.

Here is a closer look at Nozomi in her fluffy purple bath robe. The bubbles somehow reminds me of the Final Live where Kussun was tasked with blowing bubbles for the Lily White performance segment.

To wrap it all up, here are a few of the new members/cards I managed to obtain during my post-event scouting frenzy. Starting with this Club Activities Rin who looks absolutely fitting in that swimsuit. I have been looking forward to this set for a really long time!

Next up we have another from the Club Activities with Kotori dressed for the Lacrosse Team. 

As coincidence would have it, I scored yet another member from the Club Activities set! This time, Nico donning a Kendo outfit. She does not look too pleased about it though. Alright, with that comes a close to this week's coverage of SIF's Promise of Today event. Make sure to stay tuned for the coverage of the next SIF event which I am predicting to be a rough one ahead. Until then, thanks for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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