SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 6 Conclusion

Eleven days have passed since the beginning of Medley Festival Round 6 and the event has finally come to a close. While initially predicted to be a highly competitive event, it turned out to be fairly manageable even with the "Wonderful Rush" that came in the end. Could it be due to the expanded Tiers? While possible, I find that rather unlikely as each tier was only expanded by 10%. Speaking of tiers, let us get right into the rankings.

Starting with the Top 5 spots, OtakuRebrn takes the first position with an overwhelming lead at 1,750,000 event points. The difference in points between the first and fifth position is approximately 730,000 event points!

Moving on to Tier 1, this tier has been expanded to the top 1100 positions. The honor of that final spot goes to Hyejeong at 133,373 event points. Despite what I mentioned earlier, getting into Tier 1 still requires a considerable amount of effort especially when you consider that are no further event rewards after 80,000 points.

Next up, we have Tier 2 which has expanded, also by 10%, to the top 5500 position. The aptly named, Love Live, nets that final position setting the final cutoff at 90,787 event points.

Personally, I got very lucky this time with a final position of 5012 overall. If not for the expanded tiers, I would have been completely burned especially after I had spent 22 Love Gems on the event. While I would have preferred to finish higher up on the rankings, I can hardly complain about my position either.

Successfully qualifying for Tier 2 nets you these lovely rewards on top of a Green Scouting Ticket which is not shown in this picture.

A quick look at the Event N cards.

Both are off the Cool attribute.

With that aside, we move onto the real Special Practices starting with Retro-Pop Umi. Remember, do not forget to place the higher leveled one in the the upper box.

Retro-Pop Umi!

At Level 80, Umi in all her Retro-Pop goodness sports 4,820 Smile Points. It may not be the highest for an idolized Smile SR but, it is the highest when compared to the recent few event Smile SRs.

With Umi completed, we move onto a member which I have been really looking forth to idolizing.

Festival Dress Kotori! Her outfit is so fluffy and cut, it gives off the feeling that only Kotori can pull off such an outfit.

At Level 80, Kotori has a monstrous 4,800 Pure Points rightfully making her the most powerful event Pure SR. She even edges out Bath Robe Nozomi by 10 Pure Points to claim the top spot.

Here is a closer look at Umi in her retro goodness, it certainly suits her that is for sure.

And next we have the fluffy and super cute Kotori.

All in all, the event was a really good one. The expanded tiers and controlled cutoff rises made for a very manageable event that anyone could enjoy. Although, there is not much rest to be had as the next event is arriving in 4 days time on the 29th of July. You can be certain that Tiro Finale will be covering the event. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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