Tokyo Days 44 - Kiyosumi Garden

At this point, city gardens had become one of my favorite attractions in Tokyo aside from my usual shopping hot spots.

These relatively secluded gardens of beauty were hardly known by many especially foreign tourists making it the ideal spot to unwind, take in the lovely sights and sounds as well as taking some great shots.

As such, I made it a goal to visit everyone of the 9 designated Metropolitan Cultural Heritage Gardens. The next one on my list, Kiyosumi Gardens.

Aside from what I had already mentioned, each of these gardens also have free English guides with a spot for each garden's own unique stamp. The best part? Entrance fee was only 150 Yen!

Kiyosumi Gardens is one of the smaller of metropolitan gardens with a distinctive Meiji-period style tree-and-pond garden.

Unlike the other gardens, Kiyosumi had a strong emphasis on rocks especially large ones encircling the diameter of the pond.

Connecting these rocks are several small islands built surrounding the outer perimeter of the pond.

Visitors were allowed to traverse from one point to another via these huge rocks serving as steps.

It was a really nice touch and the wear on the surface of the stones just goes to show how old they really are.

The Kiyosumi gardens is a location steeped with history going as far back as the 1700s.

The gardens used to be owned by many wealthy men and up till recently (1932), the gardens was owned by the Iwasaki family who created Mitsubishi.

Unique to this garden, almost every island can be accessed either via stone steps of a bridge.

Near the edges of the stone steps, there were many little critters gathering around such as, tortoises, fish and birds.

It may only be the middle of summer but, some trees are beginning to show their autumn colors.

No garden is complete without flowers.

This Iris field has yet to fully bloom.

More stone steps!

The little hut overlooking the pond is actually available to rent for private occasions.

Because they have eyes?

This was the first time I have come across a bridge with such a construction.

From the middle and largest island, you could get a very different view of the entire garden.

Conveniently and amply placed benches meant one could always take a rest when they were tired.

Well, now you know why Kiyosumi is know as the Garden of Exquisite Stones.

This hut too is available for rent.

A flotation device comes in handy.

Especially if you lose your footing on one of these majestic rocks.

All in all, walking at a leisurely pace would have you completing the entire garden in 1.5 to 2 hours. Located fairly out of the center of town, you would not have to compete with any crowds to get here. Indeed, an ideal location to just kick back and relax.


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