Tokyo Days 45 - Mount Mitake (Part 1)

After a 2 hour train ride and another 30 minute bus ride, I finally arrived at Takimoto Cable Car Station. One last stop away from Mount Mitake, which after all that distance, is still within Tokyo.

The final step involves taking a 6 minute cable car train up from Takimoto station to Mitake station.

Of course, you could hike up as well, which there were a fair few who were up to the challenge.

Being relatively inexperienced, I decided to leave the 4 plus kilometer trek to the more experienced individuals and settle for the comforts of the cable car instead.

The steepest incline in the entire Kanto region with an average of 22 degrees and maximum of 25 degree inclination. Now, that is steep!

Pets are welcomed too!

A short ride up later and, here we are, Mitakesan station!

Of course, you real journey has just begun as the cable car only stops atop Mount Mitake with the remaining bits up top requiring some leg work.

On a clear day, it is said, Tokyo's city center is visible from the observation point.

Unfortunately, the morning I went was very cloudy and gloomy.

Still, you did not have to look far to spot the train station.

A stern reminder that you are still in Tokyo.

The lilies of summer were now in full bloom offering a lovely sight.

Some leaves had begun turning to their autumn colors too.

Really, really tall and lanky trees!

At some points, the offbeat hiking paths merge with the well paved roads used by the more casual visitors.

My first pit stop after my arduous journey to Mount Mitake.

Because of its remote location, many of the buildings were hundreds of years old.

That gave it the distinctive old-Tokyo charm that is so hard to find these days.

After hiking for a bit, I thought I had reached the temple atop Mount Mitake especially since the main gate was within sight.

Plus, the area to wash your hands was also nearby. There was even one for the pets!

With vigor, I charged forth to the main entrance ready to reach the peak of my long journey.

Only to find even more flights of stairs.

I soldiered on but, at this point, every bench looked increasingly tempting.

Flanked by intimidatingly tall trees, every step became harder and harder.

Especially with these demons taunting you from within the staircase.

I persevered only to find, the temple was under construction.

It felt like a let down for a bit until I took a look around my surroundings and took a deep big breath of fresh mountain air.

The stone guard dogs may look scarier than usual but, it felt really good to have reached the peak.

After that over 3 hour journey, I had reached the peak of Mount Mitake!

While the day was rather cloudy, it did not subtract anything from the wonderful experience.

Deciding to probe further, I discovered several other smaller shrines located behind the main shrine and these ones were open to the public too.

Guess the main shrine was not the only one with an intimidating guard.

This particular shrine had one of the best views!

Speaking of views, they have got their eyes on you even so far up the mountain.

From one peak overlooking another peak.

Having reached the peak of Mount Mitake, I finally took a much needed break as I recuperated and considered my options. Would I stay at the top till it was time to go down or explore the peripheries of the forest below me. More of that in Part 2 of my trip to Mount Mitake. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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