Tokyo Days 39 - Mami Devotion (Early June Haul)

Mami devotion increased by 15%!
Over the course of the weekend, I managed to get myself some great new Madoka Magica merchandise courtesy of shopping trips to both Osaka and Tokyo. In the interest of saving bandwidth, I would just use a single shot and break down each item that I purchased. Beginning from left to right, they are:
  1. Ichiban Kuji Magiccraft F Prize Bebe Plush - 1,200 Yen
  2. Cospa Tomoe Mami Papercraft - 300 Yen
  3. Cospa Tomoe Mami Messenger Bag - 4,200 Yen
  4. Ichiban Kuji Madoka Magica F Prize Poster - 300 Yen
  5. Ichiban Kuji Magiccraft Part 2 Last Prize Tomoe Mami Figure - 4,500 Yen
Bring the total to 10,500 Yen spent. While it is quite a hefty amount, these were things that I have wanted to add into my collection for a long time already especially the super adorable Bebe Plush and the rare Last Prize Mami. While I have yet to unbox/unpack any of my purchases, I do look forward to it and maybe in the future do a review too. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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