Tokyo Days 38 - Osaka Castle

One of the most popular tourist attraction in Osaka was the aptly named Osaka Castle. A restoration of the actual castle, the grounds surrounding the castle are free for all visitors with the only entrance fee required to enter the actual castle.

Located on the grounds outside the castle was this Time Capsule placed in the year 1970 and only to be unearthed 5000 years in the future. Five thousand!

Like every Japanese castle, Osaka Castle was placed atop an elevated platform atop a hill. This gave the Shogun of the castle literally the highest point in the area.

For a 600 Yen admission fee, visitors were allowed to enter the castle and on the highest floor of the castle was an observation deck.

Visitors were allowed to view the castle from all four sides which, as expected, were symmetrical in design on all sides.

While it may not be the original building, Osaka Castle certainly retains the charms of a Japanese castle and the surrounding park and moat make it a worthwhile visit for all those deciding to spend some time in Osaka. The large grounds surrounding the castle too means you would easily spend a good several hours just walking around and about. With that final bit, my Osaka trip comes to an end as I head back to Tokyo to spend my last 3 weeks there. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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