SIF Coverage - SR Retro-Pop Umi

Day 3 of the event and the momentum of the points means that anyone aiming for Tier 2 and above would have received their first event SR by now. Of course, this only holds true for consistent players and not those who leave it all to the end. Anyway, being a double SR event, the first SR up for grabs is Umi!

It is currently summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and the sight of those hand fans are becoming increasingly common in Japan as the weather continues to get hotter with every passing day.

This time we have a Smile attribute SR Umi with her Perfect Lock skill called Retro-Pop hence, the name. While the name and design may not match, wait till you see her idolized. On a side note, the Perfect Lock skill Umi has is a real good all round one suitable for most perfect oriented teams.

At Level 1, Umi has 3,710 Smile Points which quickly jumps up to 4,540 Smile Points at Level 60 making her rather formidable despite not being idolized. Unfortunately, her growth does not improve too much in the next 20 levels to level 80.

Finally, here is a closer look at the card's design. As always, the design is absolutely spot on with a dress Umi certainly would not mind wearing except maybe about the lack of sleeves. Well, that will be all for today's quick update. Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!

 Bonus Images

Finally, a Green Scouting Ticket!

Perhaps the highest combo I have ever achieved in a Full Combo thus far.


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