Tokyo Days 34 - Computer Repairs

The main reason I had not been able to update Tiro Finale over the last week was because of a damage that occurred to my notebook. What had happened was the left hinge had broken causing a large gap to form whenever I opened the notebook. While there was no hardware damage, it did create a loud creaking sound whenever I tried to open and close the notebook which in itself was worry enough for me.

As such, I headed out looking for the appropriate tools to start working on fixing the affected joint. Despite all the convenience stores all over Tokyo, it took me quite some time to find both glue and a set of screwdrivers.

Here you can see the affected area, more specifically, the three screw holes which had broken off when the joint gave way. I had forgotten to take a before picture but, you can still clearly visualize the cracks where I had repaired with glue. After an hour or so, everything was put back together to the best of my abilities. Unfortunately, the repair was not completely successful as one of the three screws immediately gave way. No amount of glue work would be able to fix that as the surface area was just much to small. Nevertheless, the results were better than previously and the hinge was now usable albeit with much care. At best, this was a stop gap measure and I would need to get a new notebook soon if I wanted true mobility back again. That said, I am now able to get back to writing on Tiro Finale. With that, I still have 5 days of content to catch up to which I will be diligently working upon. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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