Tokyo Days 31 - Shiroi Koibito Park

Day 2. Instead of covering everything I did in this day, I decided instead to focus on the highlight of my day. Visiting the Ishiya Chocolate Factory and Shiroi Koibito Park.

Part Charlie's Chocolate Factory and part museum, this wonderful place is a must visit for anybody paying a visit to Hokkaido, especially if you are in the Sapporo area.

With architecture reminiscent of the older days, the park was certainly a sight to behold. From lovely buildings to beautiful gardens, it left me in awe. It looked especially good on a clear day such as this.

The attention to detail throughout the building did not cease impress either. One aspect with really stood out to me was the painted glass ceiling!

It cost 600 Yen to enter the museum while the other attractions are free to the public.

For that price of admission, you get to view plenty of exhibits surrounding the history of chocolate.

As well as witness first hand how the production line works.

There were even plenty of playful decorations placed on the ceiling.

The production line was clean and orderly as you would expect it to be. I was genuinely surprised to find out how stringent the quality control was.

Move a little further into the museum and you will be introduced to exhibits no longer related to chocolate or candies, with an exhibit of things like gramophones and children's toys.

There was even rather quirky displays too. A real variety of exhibits with no unifying theme, it was really interesting!

Here is a look at the central clock tower, the center piece of the park.


The outdoors area of the park was mostly gardens which attracted many visitors too.

Being a chocolate factory of sorts, I could not leave without trying one of their delicacies. Of which, one of their specialties was a freshly made cream puff which was a real treat.

The architecture was really the strong point of this park and something you could spend hours admiring.

Here is a closer look at the clock tower.

The beautiful flower garden which many people seemed to love taking "selfies" here.

You could also enter the garden by going behind and under it.

With that, I shall end today's coverage with this final shot. Truly a wonderful place to visit and it comes highly recommended for everyone! Until the next time, have a wonderful day ahead!


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