Tokyo Days 43 - Higashi Gyoen

It was bound to happen considering I was going to be in Tokyo for 2 months, I got sick.

But, rather than waste the day staying home, I decided to make the most of it to visit a nearby tourist destination.

The Imperial Palace and the nearby East Gardens are an extremely popular attraction among tourists regardless of the season and day.

The East Gardens provided free entrance for all and was one of the largest parks/gardens in the whole of Tokyo.

No garden is complete without a man-made pond and a low rising tree branch hovering just above the surface of the water.

The East Garden's sizable area meant walking the entire park did take up quite some time.

Unfortunately, there was not much to see compared to Tokyo's other landscaped gardens which, albeit requiring an entrance fee, provided much better sights.

Despite its large size, the park was fairly easy to navigate with multiple gates for entry and exit.

This hibiscus was one of the few blooming flowers I spotted while circling the park.

A moderate walk away from the garden is the Imperial Palace Plaza which was a much bigger tourist attraction than the gardens itself.

Unfortunately, I consider visiting the Imperial Palace alone a waste of time as all you see are a glimpse of the castle and two bridges. I was not too sure why so many people flocked around just to take photos. That being said, the visit was still rather worth it for the garden alone especially since entrance was free. With that, I will be signing off for today. Once again, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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